AB 19 makes community college free for all first-time freshmen

On Oct. 13, California governor Jerry Brown signed AB 19, a bill written by Assemblyman Miguel Santiago, that made the freshman year of community college in California free for all first-time students. The California Promise Grant already waives tuition for low-income students, however AB 19 would extend to all first time students regardless of need or any other factors.

The bill will help support many of the 2.1 million community college students in California. Opposers of  the bill believe it will strain the state’s financial resources. However, Santiago and many community college districts in the state support the bill’s increased initiative to make higher education more widely accessible.

According to the 2017 senior survey, 231 students from last year’s graduating class attended community college in California. These community colleges included Moorpark Community College, Santa Barbara City College, Ventura College, and many others. AB 19 would provide major financial assistant to all future community college students from this school and many others in California.

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