Athletic, smart and basic: what other schools think of NP

Everyone has their own opinion about Newbury Park High School from admiring the IB program to criticising us. Here’s what some students from other schools in our area are saying about us.

  1. “I think they are always very smart and social. We hear about their football games a lot and how they are always very school spirited. Not really a negative thing would come to mind.” -Sabrina Hamor, Sophomore, La Reina
  1. “When I think of a Newbury student I think of very athletic kids.” -Lucas Ogg, Junior, ACHS
  1. “The school that Cameron Rising picked over Buena.” -Robert Stratton, Junior, Buena
  1. “Well, I don’t know a lot of kids that go to NP but most of them are in honors classes, so I’d say pretty smart…I’d say it’s a pretty good school. I mean, you guys have a pretty good volleyball team, since you went to CIF, but Oak Park is probably better.” -Daniel Grogan, junior, Oak Park
  2. “A stereotypical NPHS kid? To me it would be…. I always think of a girl with Uggs and leggings and a big hoodie.” -Kate Gullet junior Moorpark
  1. “Everybody works together as a unit. In order to have good school spirit, participation is really important and showing up to events. Everybody does that, which is really cool, and there’s a lot of cool events that go on.” -Alex Gabriel, sophomore TOHS
  1. “Hmm… I’ll be honest I don’t really know any stereotypes. All my friends that I know at NPHS are great people. So I would generalize NPHS to have good people.” -Cole Supple, sophomore TOHS


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