Captain Jamie Jewett Leads Girls Golf Team Swinging to Victory

This season, the girl’s golf team is stepping up their game. With a fuller roster, captain Jamie Jewett, senior, is determined to lead this new family to victory. 

“My goals are to improve our season record from last year and so far I’m confident we can do it. This year we have more players on our roster so we’re able to play more girls and get everyone more experience,” Jewett said. Since August, the team has already played two matches and continues to develop close friendships. “I’ve definitely started putting more time into trying to help all the other players improve their game instead of spending all of my time on my own practice,” Jewett said, “I feel like the team mom.”

Riley O’Leary, sophomore, is in her second season with the girl’s golf team. “Jamie’s really awesome,” O’Leary said, “She’s helped to make practices more fun by making little games for us every now and then. Practice can get pretty monotonous, just swinging over and over, so a little bit of fun with an objective can make practice less repetitive.” 

This year, Jewett is especially excited to spend more time with the younger girls. “I really like what I’m seeing from all the girls, especially the freshman.” 

One of these freshman recruits excited for their first high school season is Charlotte Sams. “Jamie is an amazing captain and leader,” Sams said, “She has motivated not just me but the whole team. She is always positive and is always helpful and caring to us.”

Like O’Leary said, “Jamie definitely encourages us to do our best and doesn’t get impatient when we don’t do as well. For some of the newer players and for me when I’m having an off day, she’ll help us out and give advice on how we can improve.” 

With practices Monday through Thursday, the girl’s golf team is on their way to another successful season.“This year we’ve got a few new players who are really eager to play, and it’s pretty exciting,” O’Leary said, “I’m hoping that that new energy transfers itself out to the course and can really benefit our team in a positive way.” 

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