Club day jump starts the new year

As you walk into the quad, countless tables and chairs are spread out across campus, each featuring their very own ideas to improve the school and community. On Oct. 11, NPHS had its annual “Club Day,” where students are given the opportunity to see, and possibly join, any club that interests them.

Some of the biggest clubs here on campus, such as Key Club and Science Olympiad, participate in Club Day to advertise their clubs to attract students with similar passion.

Key Club, an organization within Kiwanis, is a club in which its members participate in numerous projects throughout the year to help improve the environment and community. Their new treasurer, Grace Hsu, worked the stand on Club Day.

“We had a lot of freshman join this year, but I’m hoping more sophomores, juniors, and seniors will join too,” Hsu said.

In order to prepare for club day, the Key Club board typically, “has a short meeting and bake treats to sell at club day,” Hsu said.

In addition to Key Club, Science Olympiad also finds Club Day significant as it is a way to help raise money for their club.

Jack Smith, president of the Science Olympiad club, said that on Club Day their “first priority is trying to fund [their] team’s competition. The materials for building the projects [for the competition] and the books needed to prepare for the tests are quite expensive, so Club Day helps raise money for materials, too.”

Although boosting membership is an important factor, the funding is what allows Clubs to participate in competitions, conventions, and other activities. The Science Olympiad Club is an example of clubs that stress funding more than recruiting members on Club Day. “Although, building membership is always a huge part of the club.” Smith said.

Startups have a completely different task on club day. For example, the Zonta Club is new to NPHS and on Club Day they are trying to establish its name and recruit as many students as possible.

Isha Suresh and Erin Duffy, the co-presidents of Zonta Club, are looking for students that are passionate about helping women in other countries and hope that Club Day helps them out with this.

“Club Day is definitely going to help us get some sign-ups and we’ll get an idea about how many people are interested in joining our club, “ Suresh said.

Zonta Club believes the best way to get the students’ attention is to shows what the Zonta organization is all about, and selling some treats is a good way to jumpstart its fundraising as well.

Whether the clubs are trying to get off the ground or just keep going, club day is an opportunity they don’t want to miss. Suresh said, “we’re hoping we’ll have good support and feedback from Club Day!”

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