Clubs celebrate other cultures

Flags, foods and friends gathered in the quad on International Day: March 8. Clubs sold different ethnic foods to celebrate the different cultures that make up the student body, including dumplings from Chinese Club, crepes from Fashion Club and more.

This year, in addition to the cultural foods featured by the clubs, the IB Dance class performed four routines. Many asked Cameo Carolan, IB Dance teacher, if this was the first time the class danced at the event, but IB Dance has performed many times in the past. Last year, however, they were unable to due to scheduling difficulties.

“Actually we have done it for a decade,” Carolan said. “But it probably appeared different because they were costumed. So normally, they would have to wear all black, but I filled out a grant this year at the beginning of the year to purchase costumes, so I think the vibrant colors made people think this is more authentic.”

Another addition to International Day was a giant map on the side of the cafeteria, where students could place stickers on places they have been. Celina Kott, junior, placed a sticker on Tokyo, Japan. After living in Japan, Kott has a greater appreciation for other cultures and likes the purpose of International Day.

“I think it is a really good idea to make sure people are aware of other cultures. We live in America where there is a whole bunch of other cultures, and it is really good to appreciate others,” Kott said.

Carolan agreed, and felt that the IB Dance class had a responsibility for sharing culture.

“Especially in the times that we are living in right now, I think we need to be reminded about how beautiful differences are in people,” Carolan said. “Dance in particular and art in particular really really help reflect diversity and culture and the beauty of culture. Sometimes that is a little harder to come across in other subjects, so I kind of feel like it is part of our responsibility as IB dance to share that with the rest of the school.”

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