COVID-19 in Ventura County March to present

March 12 – Declaration of Local Health Emergency is released

March 13 – CVUSD schools close indefinitely with distance learning as a substitute for physical attendance

March 17 – Health Order released urging sensitive groups to self quarantine until April 1; entertainment venues, gyms, and bars close

March 20 – Stay Well at Home Order released: non-essential businesses face temporary closing, no gatherings of over 10 people, only leave home for essential errands

March 31 – The Health Order released on Mar 17 is extended until April 19; takeout food service is now permitted and campgrounds closed indefinitely

April 22 – House evictions are suspended until May 31

May 7 – The plan to safely reopen Ventura County is released: sensitive groups must still self quarantine; all businesses must implement and enforce COVID-19 prevention plans (when they open their doors)

May 8 – Curbside retail, manufacturers, and logistics businesses open

May 12 – The following businesses open: childcare for nonessential workers, office-based businesses, car washes, pet grooming, landscape gardening, and outdoor museums

May 15 – Dental guidance adjusted to protect dentists from transmitting or getting coronavirus (specific equipment and health checks for patients required)

May 20 – Ventura County is approved by State for accelerated reopening

May 21 – Health Order is amended to allow people to dine in at restaurants and shop in store

May 26 – Ventura County now allows people to visit parks and beaches without having to constantly be in motion. Social distancing must still be enforced but people are now allowed to sit or lay down at a park or beach

May 28 – Wildwood and Paradise Falls hiking trails close indefinitely due to unprecedented crowds and litter

May 29 – The death of George Floyd causes mass gatherings of people as protests erupt (continue to present)

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