Cronies’ contributes to Panthers

Cronies Sports Grill is given that banners, posters and a scoreboard can be found with the family friendly restaurant’s name plastered on them. This is due to the fact that Cronies is NPHS’s biggest sports sponsor. Whether it be football, basketball, or baseball, the Cronies Sports Grill logo is a constant. Cronies is NPHS’s biggest sports sponsor and their name can be found on posters and scoreboards all around campus.

Dave Foldes, one of the co-owners of Cronies, moved the restaurant to its Newbury Park location five years ago and has been sponsoring the baseball, football, basketball, etc, ever since. Other locations include Agoura, Simi Valley, Camarillo, and the sports grill’s original location, Ventura. Dave said this is because they like to “get close to high schools. We like to support them because we’re family people and those are some of the best customers.”

Dave emphasizes the fact that Cronies is a “family place and what better place to advertise [the restaurant] than at a high school.” where hundreds of families are involved. Cronies becomes familiar to anyone who visits the school or plays sports.

The sports grill sponsors all different sports at NPHS, with the baseball team being the first that they supported.

“Five years ago, our first team to sponsor was baseball because no one else stepped up to sponsor them and we were really happy to do so,” Dave said.

Christine Foldes, Dave Foldes’ wife, believes sponsorships are important for the community and schools.

“So many times I think the school gets no for an answer. With us we build relationships and we make it easier to ask [for sponsorship],” Christine said.

Dave also made the point that “money isn’t [in school sports] like it used to be and we’re happy to help.” Their sponsorship aids the community while also making good business. For Cronies and NPHS sports, it’s a win win for both parties.


Cristine added that “we are building good will toward Cronies. That’s why it works,” said Christine.Over the five years NPHS has been sponsored by Cronies, she believes that the school has changed for the better.

JJ Hanestad, freshman, stated that, if it were not for Cronies, “I don’t think our fields would be quite as nice, and we wouldn’t have the best practice equipment that we have today.”

“I feel more of a sense of community. Especially when we host the honor roll lunch. Other businesses want to do the same thing and that is only good for the school.”



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