Do not eat Tide Pods

Generation Z loves their internet challenges: the mannequin challenge, the ice bucket challenge and the cinnamon challenge. But the newest craze to hit the simpletons of YouTube is known as “The Tide Pod Challenge.”

What started out as an internet joke about how much the colorful detergent pods look like candy, the “Tide Pod Challenge” has recently gone too far. Kids of all ages have posted videos of themselves eating Tide Pods as part as an internet-wide challenge. As one can imagine, this did not go well.

Many have turned the challenge into a sensationally hilarious internet meme, but the challenge itself is not funny at all. There have been several deaths associated with the challenge and hundreds have called Poison Control after ingesting detergent from the pods. The manufacturers infused a bittering agent into the capsulation of the Pods so ignorant children would spit it out if it ever made its way into their mouths. And yet, these fools continue to pop them in their mouths in the hopes of gaining a few subscribers. First the salt and ice challenge, now this. It might be highway running next.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission must have foreseen the latest craze because they issued a warning about the squishy pods several years ago when many children began to get sick after eating them. At some point last year, older children became inclined to disregard reason and started doing some hands-on research. Eventually it developed into the popular craze we are plagued by today.

YouTube has taken some initiative in taking down all videos of people eating Tide Pods. They have made a genuine attempt to discourage the masses, but these kids will go to any lengths to get views.

This truly tops the list of absolutely imbecilic internet challenges. Recently, people have started posting foolish challenges or videos online in order to gain more popularity. The Tide Pod challenge is only one example. Logan Paul also recently posted a video of a dead body in Japan’s Suicide Forest. Just because they have no friends doesn’t mean they should try and be popular on YouTube. These are the people that will be carrying on the future of the human race… Darwin has failed us.

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