Eby bids farewell to NPHS

After three years of service to Newbury Park High School, Principal Joshua Eby will be stepping down to become a social science teacher next school year. This news first came on March 3 at 5 p.m. in an email to NPHS parents. In the email, a file was attached containing a letter penned by Eby himself. Despite his eventual reassignment as a teacher, he indicated that his “career in education is certainly not finished; it is solely a time for change, one which excites and invigorates” him.

For Eby, his inspiration to get back in the classroom was the kids. Unfortunately, the students that he will be instructing in his new career as a teacher will most likely not be Panthers. He will really miss NPHS, the school, the staff, and the students and watching them grow. Eby enjoyed getting to know all different types of students and seeing some of the large changes that happened at the school like tutoring centers and new career pathways.

As parting advice for NPHS students, he discussed the concept of grit. He insisted that students should not let anything stop them for pursuing their dreams. For the incoming principal, he hoped that the next NPHS principal will embrace the Newbury Park community and promote a positive avenue for change.

In describing being a principal at NPHS in three words, Eby said “gratifying, amazing…,” and ended, after a pause, with the word “busy.”

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