Galentine’s Day: empower one another

Like any Parks and Recreation sitcom fanatic, I understand the importance of Galentine’s Day. Every year, my friends and I get together, eat breakfast, and spend time being grateful for one another. In Tom Haverford’s words, it is important to always “Treat yo self” once in a while. It is also important to spend a day to tell your friends how much you support and love them. Of course, this is something that can be done everyday, but why not dedicate a day to it?

Let us get one thing clear: Galentine’s Day is not the same thing as Valentine’s Day. While they celebrate the same thing– love– they do not do it in the same manner. In contrast to the the commercial and cheesy Valentine’s Day, Galentine’s Day does not really get promoted in stores because it is really just about promoting one another, not the holiday title.

Women and girls can sometimes see each other as competitors. Whether it be in the workplace, for clubs, for boys, or even just walking down the hallway, this ere of competition can often come in the way of friendship. We often feel like we need to have our guard up, which is not a bad thing, but if we let jealousy and anger get the best of us, we will never be able to let our fellow women thrive. We have to stop being our own obstacle and recognize that we have to stick together and be a united front; our relationships should not be a fight to the top.

Galentine’s Day represents the significance of empowering girls and their friendship. It is important to spend time with your friends and tell them how appreciative you are. Rarely do we ever remember to say things like this, so if we need a holiday for it, so be it.

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