Girls aren’t petty, you’re sexist


It is a known fact that girls develop faster than boys. Thus, we quickly become tired of the male shenanigans that occur in elementary and middle school. Girls turn to each other to entertain themselves in different, less athletic ways. However, as time goes on and we reach high school, the gap between males and females begins to decrease. Boys mature, and girls get over their original animosity towards them.

Even I can admit that young girls are somewhat catty. Though as we mature our pettiness is quickly replaced with intelligence and acceptance of others. I don’t believe that trivial conflicts can be explained away by pure biology. Girls are conditioned to think that they should be more emotional and less interested in physical activities than boys.

     I’m not going to sit here and tell you that I have never been hurt by another girl. But *big shock* humans are capable of change, and they are not all the same.

A girl that buys into the stereotype that females are all dramatic and petty is too simplistic and, frankly, immature and gullible.

Mature boys are not more loyal and they are not less petty. The things that you may have believed as a child no longer apply to your adult life, and the sooner you figure out how to think for yourself, the more content you can feel with yourself.

A girl that hates girls is the mortal enemy of feminism. They are the embodiment of self-hate and believing in stereotypes. To say that you never want to be friends with a girl because they are “toxic” is sad. Girls can show an extreme amount of acceptance and love for others. The girls that I know lift each other up and endlessly encourage each other, so maybe it’s time to question who you’re choosing as friends.

Girls are worth more than just talking about clothes, makeup and shopping; and diminishing them to such is misogynistic.

There is no such thing as a “girl world” and a “boy world.” There is one human world. Boys will let you down just as often as girls will because all humans are complex.

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