Girls’ basketball competes in CIF playoffs

Girls’ Varsity Basketball has had a smashing season full of determination, hard work, and fitting results. The team took part in the California Interscholastic Federation’s (CIF) playoff basketball games this year, and lost in a close game.

    Sara Winerman, senior, reflected on last year’s CIF achievements. “Last year we won our first two rounds of CIF at home and advanced to the quarterfinals. It was a really great feeling to win at home with people supporting us and cheering us on,” Winerman said.

Winerman was a part of the team this year as well, but the team suffered a different result. “This year, we were able to host our first round playoff game and we unfortunately lost in a really close game,” Winerman said.

The team prepared rigorously for the games, attending practices typically over two hours long.

Melanie Masson, junior, reflects on her team’s wins this season. “The most rewarding part was being a part of the Maramonte League Champion team and being undefeated, because we finally beat Oaks Christian twice in one season.”

    Though it may not have lasted as long as some of the team members wanted, CIF was an ultimately rewarding experience. “Even though it was short this season, I had a great time competing in CIF because we definitely bonded over wanting to go far and everyone put their all into the practices and the game,” Masson said. “We definitely bonded over wanting to go far and everyone put their all into the practices and the game.”

    The varsity team is not all seriousness, made up of girls dedicated to having fun amidst the hard work as well. Winerman says that if she could describe her team in one word, it would be energetic. “…we all hype eachother up and we all have fun being around each other,” Winerman said.

    Basketball is not just for those currently on varsity, though. Simone Overbeck, senior, has advice for anybody looking for a way to start in basketball or on a team. “Talk to some of the girls who have played before and just go try out and give it a shot.” Overbeck joined the team freshman year and has been playing basketball for twelve years. “You’ll make a ton of friends,” Overbeck said. “I love the girls and the drive to win that we all had.”

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