I am the girl who does not understand girls

“Girl Power” is only powerful if ALL girls stick together. When girls criticize each other, subtly or overtly, behind each other’s backs or to their face, it weakens our cause altogether.

When guys have a problem with one another, they hash it out and get over it pretty quickly. In my experience, women are not as direct. It is unfortunate that girls are so mean to each other, and I hate that my past experiences with girls have made me bitter.

It saddens me that girl-on-girl hate happens as far back as Kindergarten. My mom teaches a Kindergarten class and she observes this excluding behavior even in her five-year-olds. The little girls whisper behind each others’ backs and come crying to my mom because they have been hurt by someone who they thought was their friend.

I have had primarily male friends my whole life, so I am just not used to the girl world, and quite frankly, I am not strong enough for it. I care too much about what people think, and as soon as a “friend” maliciously hurts me, I am gone. It just so happens that girls have hurt me more than guys.

I either say nothing or say something blunt. That is just how I am. It is a big part of my humor to say what most people are afraid to say. My peers’ feedback indicate that mostly guys appreciate the way I am. For some reason, girls are a tough crowd.

Maybe I am the reason why girls do not like me. It seems like no matter what, I do not please the female crowd. I just have to realize that pleasing people is not always important. The most important thing is trying to be the best person I can be, and ignoring those who put me down.

Girls are doing their thing, and that is ok. I just have trouble understanding the way it works from their point of view. You would think that being a girl would help, but it does not. Although I have not figured it out, I am hoping it will all be clear to me later in life. For now, I will stick to what I know best.

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