I’m with Her

In the race between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, voters are conflicted; disliked are both candidates. As result, some contemplate voting third party. But supporting Jill Stein of the Green Party and Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party would not help the national situation.  
Americans want to vote third party in attempt to break the democratic-republican binary. It’s believed that a substantial Green or Libertarian vote would make a statement against the inaccessibility of a two party system. They are right in that such a statement would be made but wrong in that an impression would be made.
The Libertarian platform is based upon individual rights and the minimization government influence. The mission is to grant citizens sole dominion over their lives. Libertarians overlap on some policy with republicans such as taxation, education, and domestic policy. However, some views are more liberal such as the support of abortion, gay marriage and the rejection of the death penalty. Although some Republicans will vote libertarian as they don’t believe that Trump is a positive representation of their party, many will stick with voting republican because of some of the liberal policies. More conservative Democrats against Hillary may also vote for Johnson. The Libertarian party, therefore, would take away votes from both major candidates.
Unlike the Libertarians, the Green party is more left-wing than Democrats. Supported is public schooling, the government as a leading entity in environmental cleanup, LGBT equal rights, and Social Democratic economic policy. Voters farther left who do not support Hillary will vote for Stein; the Green Party will not attract republican votes.
Therefore, democrats who dislike both major candidates are more likely to vote third party than republicans are. Democrats voting for Stein or Johnson to start a claimed third party revolution will result in fewer votes for Hillary and may make a short lived statement against governmental corruption. However, an advantage will be gained by Trump.
Voting Third party as neither major candidate is favorable is not the solution. If the voter dislikes both Hillary and Trump equally then the vote should go Hillary. Not because her policies are stronger or ethical but because Clinton as president is a realistic choice. Few of her policies,  such as on gun control and abortion, will not be enacted as both the House of Representatives and the Senate are majority Republican. By voting for Trump, as his platform is similar to that of the House and the Senate, most of his policies will be enacted. The House and Senate are likely to support some of Trumps most conservative plans: a wall around Mexico and rejection of Syrian refugees. In addition, the short list for Trump’s top supreme court justice choices consists of candidates who embody the conservative, Trump spirit.
Hillary is a capable president who will keep the country stable, almost dormant. If a person is on the fence, don’t vote Green party, don’t vote Libertarian, and don’t vote for Trump. Vote for Clinton because she is our country’s smartest option.


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