“It” Movie combines horror and humor

Within a dark room, there is two small lights in the far corner that almost look like the shape of eyes staring at the child. The child goes closer and closer as the music within the theaters grow louder and louder. The audience’s hearts drop as a clown pops out towards the child and the child runs for their life. The child gets away, but the fear grows.

The re-make movie “It” recently hit theaters on Sept. 8, 2017, 27 years after the first movie was released in 1990. This movie has increased popularity over the past couple weeks and attracted many into the horror films category.

The story is based off of seven outcast kids who work together to figure out the bizarre occurrences happening in their town, Derry. These occurrences tie back to a clown named Pennywise, who seems to be the blame for many missing children.

In the beginning of the film, Bill, the main character, gives his younger brother a paper boat to play with in the rushing gutters filled with water from a rainy day. When his boat falls into a large drain, he encounters the infamous clown Pennywise, who catches the boat. This scene creates tension in the audience as the clown seems to put on a friendly act but eventually devours the child, creating the beginning of the story.

The movie continues to follow up with the individual stories of each child who are each connected to the young boy. Bill, a curious and daring child, and his friends Eddie, Richie and Stanley, decide to figure out where his younger brother could be after reported missing. After meeting the new kids in their town, Ben, Beverly (the only girl within their group), and Mike, all seven kids begin to experience their own encounters with the haunting Pennywise. After encountering the clown, each child realizes that Pennywise uses their own fears to scare the children.

Each scene with Pennywise includes pop-outs that scare the audience and add to the story. Each scene depicting the clown and a child is filmed individually with no witnesses around, creating a more haunting scene as the audience worries for the child. Dark rooms, suspenseful music, and small sightings of a clown around the child bring fear to the audience.

Along with this, the movie balances out horror with humor. Each child has their own original personality, creating an uplifting tone between each line that results in the theater crying of laughter and overall lightens up the mood. The humor between the kids carry sarcastic comments, adult jokes, and laughter which allow it to stand out over other horror movies.

The ending of the movie has a good message, allowing the kids face their fears with the clown and work together to fight him off using their confidence. The movie overall has an uplifting ending as all of the kids have each other’s backs despite the clown’s motive to turn each kid against each other.

This movie does an amazing job with scaring the audience as well as balancing it out with humor between the kids.

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