It’s flashback Friday!

In honor of Newbury Park High School’s 50th Anniversary, let’s take a look back at 1968!

That school year, as one would expect, differed quite a bit from 2017. However, some key events have remained solid in our school’s culture: one of which being the beloved fall dance.

The first fall dance ever made its debut on Nov. 16, 1968. What we now call Homecoming, was known as the Football Formal back then. This “Flaming Fantasy” themed event crowned one queen and a princess from each grade to make up its royal court. Proclaimed to be “the greatest formal dance of the year,” the students anticipated the night of excitement from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m.

To prepare for the dance, girls were advised to “make sure their dresses were ready” and to “make a trip to the beauty salon” beforehand, whereas the boys were told to make certain “their suits are pressed” and that “their cars have plenty of gas.”

Although it’s rather unlikely that any teenage girl will be heading to an actual beauty salon to get ready for Hoco, the tradition to look your best has still not changed.

But what really changed dramatically are the ticket prices. Nowadays, Homecoming tickets can cost around $50, while back in ’68 the maximum price was only $4 The school has clearly learned something about the principles of supply and demand over the years.

For the past five decades, NPHS students have made their way to the gym to celebrate the start of the year with their friends, classmates and most importantly, school spirit!


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