Kavanaugh becomes a justice of the Supreme Court

Amid controversy and extreme partisanship Justice Brett Kavanaugh was appointed to the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) in a 50-48 senate vote.

President Trump nominated Judge Kavanaugh last July to replace moderate conservative Justice Anthony Kennedy who retired over the summer. However, his nomination was held in abeyance over multiple allegations of sexual assault.

Only one of these allegations was brought before the Senate in the form of a hearing. Professor Christine Blasey Ford testified on the Senate floor telling Senators and the country the story of her high school assault by Judge Kavanaugh. See a recent Panther Prowler article titled “Assault allegations against Kavanaugh threaten his confirmation” for more information on the hearing.

Judge Kavanaugh will most likely serve on the SCOTUS for the next 2 decades and will tip the balance of the court towards the right with 5 conservative judges and 4 liberal judges.

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