Ladies in the office

Some of the most unsung heroes of Newbury Park High School are the ladies in the front office. Though many students are unaware of the daily contributions from the office faculty, the ladies in the front office work continually to better the lives of the student body.

Linda Abilez, the office manager, began working in the office in 2005. She expresses how during a typical work day, she is inspired by the student body does

“It inspires me to see young people who are so optimistic and who can make a difference because you really can,” Abilez said. “You just have all this energy and excitement for life. It just inspires me to be better and help other people.”

The first smiling face that students see coming into the office is that of Sue Jensen, the office secretary. Jensen has been working in the front office for two years, meeting everyone who comes in through the office. She also loves to work at graduation and at the football games because she loves being “with the kids.” She describes that what makes NPHS “such a great place to work” is because the Panthers are so “warm and smart.”

In the counseling department, two women bridge the gap between the counselors and the entire student bodies. Cynthia Smilor, one of the counseling secretaries, started here 12 years ago, went to Sycamore Canyon School and came back four years later.

“[NPHS] has a great staff. It is a fun place to work,” Smilor stated, “Why else would I come back?”

Talking with students is Smilor’s favorite thing to do. “That’s why I’m getting my masters in counseling,” Smilor said.

In addition to her job in the counseling department, the other counseling secretary, Perla Jimenez, works with Spanish-speaking families in the office.  

Since March 2013, Jiminez has been working in the office and recalls one of her favorite moments as her classic “Girls Gone Wild” flub over the loudspeaker, when the word “wild” instead of “wise” elicited a lot of laughs. Nevertheless, from filtering and answering hundreds of scattered questions from concerned parents, students, teachers and faculty, our two counseling secretaries contribute to enhancing the school’s image every day.

Last but not least, the attendance comprises two women, JoAnne Trimborn and Annette Moffatt, who handle day-to-day student tardiness and absences. In reflection of their years here, Trimborn recalls a time where two students were late because of their Uber driver as one of her favorite moments. In Moffat’s 20 years with the district, she still calls NPHS her “favorite office.”

From their window into our lives, the women of the front office see how each student in Newbury Park works for the good of the school, the community, and the greater good. As we look into their lives, we realize that they, just like us, care about making our campus and school the best it can be.

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