Laissez-faire enforcement of the Second Amendment is a deadly mistake

The idea that guns are untouchable because of the Second Amendment follows an aged dogmatism that makes no sense in 2018. While mental health issues and toxic masculinity are probable and well-founded causes of gun violence, it does not absolve guns from blame. Yes people kill people, but guns make it easy.

If a violent person was armed with a knife instead of a gun, it would be impossible to kill masses of people in a matter of minutes. Can you direct me to any instances of a mass knifing?

Just because something is made with good intentions, like the Second Amendment, does not mean we can excuse everything bad that happens as a result of it. We have more regulations on our right to speak than our rights to carry a gun. If I yell “BOMB” in an airport, I would be arrested because my words could cause a threat to public safety. But a domestic abuser can waltz into a Walmart and buy a gun.

If we can regulate an amendment as vital as the First Amendment, regulating the right to bear arms should be a no-brainer. Yet after a mass shooting taking the lives of 12 people in our community, support for guns has not wavered.

Ventura County Fair Board approved the Crossroads Gun Show for Dec. 15-16, along with several other dates throughout 2019. Unlike gun shops, gun shows are not subject to the California’s restriction on purchasing more than one handgun per month or the design safety standards for handguns. This grants the opportunity for dangerous people to obtain guns.

Gun shows are notorious for loosely enforcing regulations and it is simply just not worth the risk. In a community where the effects of a mass shooting still feel like an open wound, the Ventura County Fair Board is rubbing in salt.


  1. Heather M Newberry

    December 10, 2018 at 4:47 am

    I would love for you to please research and comment about the states in our nation that have the strictest gun control laws and correlate that with the amount of violent crimes with the use of guns in those areas. I would like to know if the statistics you find would change your opinion about the “dogmatism” of the Second Amendment right to bear arms in 2018. I venture to say that you will find that those areas, such as Chicago or Washington D.C. have higher gun crime rates due to the FACT that criminals do not abide by the law and it is the law abiding citizens that are harmed and punished by strict gun laws. While I completely agree, that criminals or those who intend to commit crime, should not have easy access to guns, law abiding citizens should NOT be discriminated against or punished for the acts of who commit crimes. I would think that of the many selfless police officers and others that were in attendance at Boarderline on the night of our local, horrific community tragedy, that if Ventura County or the great State of California had more citizens allowed to conceal and carry that the perpetrator would have been subdued much quicker and less loss of life could have occurred.

  2. Aunica

    December 10, 2018 at 8:17 am

    This article needs to be fact checked because if someone wants to get a gun from the gun show or a Walmart, they must go through a background check and a waiting period. It would be illegal to just get a gun without a background check at those locations. If that were to happen, those locations would be shut down for dealing a gun without a background check. Specifically at the gun show, they sell much more than just guns. The second amendment already has restrictions, so it’s not like the government hasn’t regulated it. As teenagers, we don’t know enough about guns or gun ownership to speak on them and influence each other on that topic. As mentioned, guns do make it easier, but it is ultimately the person behind the gun not the gun itself since it is an inanimate object. Overall, the article is too biased on a subject that we as students do not know enough about which also contributes to the lack of correct facts in this article.

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