Last minute Halloween costumes solve the end-of-October search


A Halloween classic, the bedsheet ghost will leave a haunting impression, unless of course you are going as Casper. The costume has lots of potential: ghost, scared ghost, funny ghost, bored ghost, sad ghost – the list goes on and on! Highly modifiable simply by changing the sheet, this costume will pose the question: Who ya gonna call?


Stick figure

A rather unique choice, the stick figure costume will give you a healthy glow, using only a black outfit, tape, and LOTS of glow sticks, this costume is also very slimming (which is fortunate because of all that candy). The stick figure man is also great for long exposure photos and videos, but not too long as the glow sticks will expire.


Toilet paper mummy

Featuring toilet paper and tape, this costume will have you running to your mummy. Ideal for all weather (excluding rain, wind, hail, and tornados), the scramble for a last minute costume will stop dead for this one. Although movement is slightly impaired, this costume can double as a stormtrooper or a full body cast.


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