Letter to the Editors: Oct. 13, 2017

Letter to the Editors:

Ever have a time when something comes out of your mouth and you wish you could pull it back in? Well
this happened to me just recently. In the last edition of the Panther Prowler, I made a statement
describing how I preferred AP Studio Art over IB Visual Arts. I regret that statement very much and am
issuing an apology. In my heart of hearts I know my original statement is not true. I have enjoyed both
AP and IB over the years and I believe that both my AP and IB students produce very high quality work,
IB is simply interested in the process of art making in addition to the final images while AP is interested
in the final images alone (along with a short statement). AP is about a final product which is shown in
the portfolio, while IB has a more comprehensive evaluation process where the student’s progress as an
artist is documented in an Art Journal and the student also does a great deal of research about artists in
what is called the Comparative Study (all good things). When I mentioned the change to IB in my
interview, what I was referring to is that IB Visual Arts used to base the majority of a student’s score on
his/her works in the art show and his/her writing to a lesser extent. Now only 40% of a student’s score
is based off of his/her artwork and 60% is based off the Art Journal and Comparative Study which are
writing tasks. There is nothing wrong with this, it is simply a different approach to assessment. While
my AP students research famous artists for inspiration and ideas, there is nothing in the AP assessment
that requires their research to be shown like IB does. So both have their advantages, and it is great that
students at our school have a choice between these two forms of assessment. This is something that
should be celebrated and I am not pleased with myself for not saying so in my interview. Our IB
program is exemplary and IB has afforded so many students the opportunity to learn about the world at
a very deep and meaningful level.


Eric Lindroth

Photography Teacher

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