Letter to the Editors: Sept. 12, 2016

To The Panther Prowler,

On July 28th, 2016, an article was uploaded on the panther prowler website which discussed that veganism is not a practical lifestyle for most people. I could not believe these words were published. The author stated, “Veganism is great for celebrities and the upper middle class, but it is a hard goal to accomplish for the less fortunate on a day to day basis.” Aww, you’re too kind! Saying we’re all celebrities/upper middle class is quite the compliment! We’re not. Some of the cheapest foods out there like rice, beans, potatoes, oats, grains, and pasta are vegan. I would like to emphasize that meat and other animal by-products are only cheap in the United States because it is heavily subsidized. In developing countries in Asia and Africa, meat is a luxury, and most of the population follow a plant-based diet because that’s all they can afford. In the second paragraph, it kicks off by declaring that, “you have to go out of your way to fulfill a vegan lifestyle.” First of all, it’s so easy being vegan in California. There are vegan options peeking out almost everywhere from grocery stores to fast food joints to even steakhouses. Eating a salad or cucumbers 24 hours a day, seven days a week is nothing more than an obsolete stereotype. Even if it was difficult, I would like to highlight that doing anything worthwhile is going to be difficult at first. Imagine a particularly challenging class. Just because it is difficult does not mean you give up on it. You work hard and get the desired grade because it is worth it, just like it is worth it being vegan. As far as not being able to “escape the animal product industry,” of course you can. The world is not ruled by them. You, as a consumer, have a choice and you vote with your dollar. This is not 1984. I realize this is an “opinion” article, but there is a fine, distinct line between the facts and opinions. Be open-minded and stop generalizing vegans. Also, we bring our own food to parties to avoid putting pressure on the host, although hosts usually offer to cook a separate meal and we greatly appreciate the extra effort they put in just to make us happy.



Dhroov Gajjar

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