Men’s choir gains new voices

As the new year rings in, Men’s Choir has brought in new members and a new practice schedule. Unlike regular choir programs, Men’s Choir is a separate program during lunch and after school, allowing students more flexibility with their classes. This group is also unique as it trains the singers in barbershop, which is often a new type of singing for students.

“Most kids don’t necessary know barbershop but they are introduced to the intricacies of the style coming in,” John Sargent, Choir Director said. “It is very contagious and stimulating.”

This year 10 new members were added, creating a 30 student chorus. Kobe Burton, section leader, who helps take attendance and guide others in their section, and junior, credits this increase in membership to word of mouth.

“I think it has a lot to do with the people coming in are friends with people who are already members in Men’s Chorus, and once they tried it they really like the program,” Burton said.

Although there were many new faces this year, all the new members were welcomed into the program with open arms.

“It’s very welcoming and friendly,” Sam Wright, section leader and senior, said. “We are all helpful to each other and we are all buddies.”

Sargent claims that once members join, they don’t want to leave.

“They are like a family,” Sargent said. “They have intrinsic motivation for friendship that goes beyond just being pals.”

In addition, the group has increased the amount of time it practices. In previous years, they practiced Monday and Wednesday at lunch, but this year they will be practicing Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at lunch and Tuesday and Thursday during fifth period. Sargent hopes the extra practice will make the singers even more prepared for concerts.

“Sargent went to another school and watched them perform. They were not necessarily more talented than ours, but they put in more work,” Wright said. “He knows how good we can be: he wants us to achieve our maximum potential.”

This year the choir group hopes to keep up the prestige as previous years and continue to do well at the Heritage Festival in the spring.

“We want to keep it exciting, keep it going, and have it be the model for variety and excellence that we have across,” Sargent said.

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