Midnight swim kicks off the season

Students bustle through the doors of Denny’s at 10:30 p.m. As they sit in their NPHS swimsuits, sweatpants and sweatshirts, they order french fries and milkshakes to fill up in preparation for the annual midnight swim.

Carrying on the tradition that began last year, the swim team starts off their season with the midnight swim. Swimmers from all teams meet for a late night snack before heading to school, diving into the pool at midnight, and practicing into the early hours of the morning.

“It was kind of tiring, kind of cold, but it was nice. We were just all there in that environment and it was very calming,” Sandy Nguyen, senior, said  “It’s just a nice way to get to know each other and to really involve the newcomers, such as the freshmen or the JV, so that they can be welcomed.”

This tradition was established for the team by Keith Brock, math teacher, who took over as head coach last school year.

“He brought it to us because before that we really didn’t do anything like it, so he really wants us to unite as a team,” Nguyen said.

After doing some formal practice, the swimmers get to relax and enjoy their time in the pool.

“We’ll do a short workout and then we usually do some like games or go off the high dive,” Jason Lu, junior, said. “It’s just like a team bonding exercise which is really important for swimming because it’s very individually oriented.”

With the unity of the midnights swim on their minds, this year’s swim team is excited for the season ahead.

“I am really excited for this swim season.It’s my senior year and we have a great group of people swimming,” Maeve Ramsey, senior, said. “I hope for us to do well as a team.”


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