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Cold War Kids returned on Feb. 11 with their latest single “Who’s Gonna Love Me Now”, and played a show at The Novo in Los Angeles shortly after, on Feb. 21. The rock band has an impressive 16 years under their belt, and they have explored many genres successfully: punk, blues, alternative and more. This latest single is more proof of their ability to write great music across many genres.

Sharon Van Etten is back with “Beaten Down”, which she released on Feb. 9. The singer-songwriter is known for her novelistic lyrics and acoustic guitars, but in recent years she has ventured into more electric territory. Her most recent album, “Remind Me Tomorrow”, is the most notable example of this change, with much more variety in her sound.

Hockey Dad has definitely stepped up their game with their most recent singles “I Missed Out” and “Itch”, the ladder of which was released on Valentine’s Day. “I Missed Out” is a shining point for drummer Billy Fleming. The band is going out on a US/UK/Europe tour in April and May, stopping by The Roxy in Los Angeles on Apr. 3.

The year is looking bright for the alternative and rock genres, and March will surely see this trend continuing.


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