Music in January

Even though 2017 just began, we have already felt a whole range of emotions and songs that represent them.

  1. “Reminder” by The Weeknd- This song is my longest yeah boi. I have been late on the “Starboy” trend, but once I started listening to it, I can’t stop. The Weeknd is already known to be an edgy artist, but this album provides a new facet to his image of being cool and mysterious. “The Reminder” is haunting while making you feel like you are an aesthetic tumblr girl. I get so into this song, I have to catch myself from taking my hands off my wheel to start dancing.
  2. “LIFTED” by CL- CL is a kpop artist who recently moved to America and became a solo artist in hopes of breaking the American market. I’m so glad an Asian artist is finally becoming popular in western society (or at least maybe one day) while breaking out of the kpop bubble. Not only is “LIFTED” a catchy hip hop song, but it screams girl power and I LOVE IT. I can’t wait to see where CL takes her solo career.
  3. “Sad Girl” By Lana Del Rey- I took a break from listening to Lana last year, and now I seriously regret it. She provides the perfect tunes to belt out in the car with your friends or to cry to alone in your room. “Sad Girl” is no exception, it’s melodic and timeless.
  4. “Off To The Races” by Lana Del Rey- “Born to Die” is one of my all time favorite albums; there isn’t a single song that isn’t good. “Off To The Races” is a great example of Lana’s iconic edgy style while still being a catchy standalone song.
  5. “My Girl” by The Temptations- Although, this song has a simplistic melody and verse, it is still a classic and gives you the warm and fuzzies whenever you listen to it. In addition, whenever I listen to this song, I just think of my icon Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson belting the lines in his car during the movie “The Game Plan”, and you can never go wrong with that image.
  6. “Oxford Comma” by Vampire Weekend- “Who gives a f*** about an Oxford comma?” is the perfect opening line for journalists, since we don’t use the Oxford Comma in AP style! Jokes aside, “Oxford Comma” is one of the best IDGAF songs of indie rock music. The light guitar and catchy hook makes you want to wrap your arms around your friends and dance your problems away, because who gives a f*** anyway?  
  7. “Brooklyn Baby” by Lana del Rey- Ultraviolence is one of the most underrated Lana del Rey albums because unlike Lana del Rey’s usual sultry, dark pop vibe, she turns to older rock influences. “Brooklyn Baby” is nostalgic, sending us back to a time period that most Lana fans never lived through.
  8. “I Got” by Young the Giant-
  9. “This Velvet Glove” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers-
  10. “Nobody Really Cares If You Don’t Go to the Party” by Courtney Barnett-


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