New clubs hit campus

Individuals with a shared love of nature gather for Outbound Club; they enjoy camping and hiking together. Sarah Lu/Prowler

Outdoorsmen – Individuals with a shared love of nature gather for Outbound Club; they enjoy camping and hiking together. Sarah Lu/Prowler

With the school year picking up speed, many students chose to fill their schedules with clubs or interest groups on campus. This year, students have even more choices as many new clubs were formed around a variety of interests, ranging from science to volunteering.

Random Acts of Kindness Club was created by Lisa Liu, junior, “to unite the students on campus and to do kind deeds for students, teachers, all the staff, and the community.”

“Random Acts of Kindness is (about) doing a kind deed,” said Liu, “whether it’s helping a teacher or spreading love across campus or volunteering somewhere outside of school.”

Random Act of Kindness meets on Mondays in G4. Currently, Random Acts of Kindness is focusing on Thanksgiving grams, helping teachers, and doing volunteer work.

Misa Nguyen, junior, created Newbury Park High School’s “She’s the First” chapter in order to help first generation female college students receive higher education.

“I started the club to make a positive impact on the world and to raise awareness about education equality around the world,” said Nguyen.  

They meet every other Monday in F-9, and Nguyen encourages people to join to “see the impact we have on a person’s life. We welcome anyone who cares about education and gender equality.”


Outbound Club was made by senior Ethan Duffy and sophomore Connor Keep in order to unite people with a love for the outdoors.

“There’s a lot to do, there’s a lot of trails you can hike on,” said Duffy, “You know, Malibu is 20 minutes away, you can go to the beach, and you can hang out there.”

So far Outbound Club has gone to Joshua Tree, gone hiking in Malibu, and been surfing in Ventura.

Science Club was created to help elementary schools to set up experiments for young students and does experiments every other Friday in E1.

“We set up some slime for them to make in the classroom,” said Brenda Herron, junior and member of Science Club, “which is really cool because elementary school is supposed to be fun and science is fun. We want to mix academics and leisure as much as we can to make people enjoy school.”

Clubs also provide a space to make new friends, according to Herron, “I’ve met a lot of different people this year. I only knew two people going in, and I feel like I know 10 coming out and I’ve only been to one meeting so far because it is a very new club.”

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