No Shave November

A handful of teachers have decided to let their razors rust this No-shave November in order to raise awareness for men’s health issues, especially prostate and testicular cancer. Students can donate money to keep their favorite teacher’s beard growing, and all money collected will go towards the Movember foundation to fund cancer research. As of now, there are four teachers left in the running: Steve Johnson, Scott Ellis, John Abney, and Joe Calaba are left out of a group that originally included Gary Fabricius, William Mulligan, and Rick Sagerman. Currently, Johnson is in the lead.

The challenge was initiated by senior Margaux Jones, head of the ASG Philanthropy Commission, and organized by the commission. “The idea came from a student from another school during a swapping session at a (summer) leadership camp where we send some of our ASG students,” Jones said. “I thought it would be successful at our school. Who wouldn’t want to see their favorite teachers grow long beards?”

Johnson believes that the event is “a great opportunity to create awareness of men’s health issues,” especially since the movement does not receive as much attention as other causes. “This is one that hits close to home for me, because I’ve had friends and family that have suffered from cancer,” Johnson said.

Win or lose, Johnson will keep his beard growing and only shave at the end of the month. As he usually only shaves the day after graduation, that will be the first day he teaches clean-shaven. However, for teachers such as Ellis, having a beard is a new experience. “It’s different, I’m not used to it at all. Occasionally after lunches I have to check to see if I have food still stuck in it,” Ellis said.

While Johnson denies any rivalries in the competition, he does say that his beard is “far superior to the others.’”


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