NPHS students visit ABC Studios

The NPHS Panther TV staff and Broadcast class visited the ABC7 studio in Burbank, California two weeks ago, on Dec. 6. They received a tour of the facilities and learned about the broadcast news industry.

After waiting in the lobby, the group was led into the main common room where they were able to see the employees working and their guide explained to them what happened in each area.

They proceeded into the area where reporters correspond with police and the news helicopter pilots. This room is where the studio monitors and reports on “Breaking News” such as car chases.

After, the group was led to the control room where the scripts are transmitted to the teleprompters and important news is relayed to the anchors.

For Thomas Kitchell, senior, this was his first visit to the studio. “It was also incredible just being in the studio watching the live show unfold. You get a great respect for the anchors and what they do,” Kitchell said.

The group also got to see the dressing rooms for the anchors and guests. To end the tour, the group made their way to the main studio area, where the anchors are recorded reading the news.

The trip left a lasting effect on Kitchell. Since attending the field trip, he has applied to more schools under film and radio broadcast majors.

“Every part of the trip was just amazing,” Kitchell said.

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