“Ok boomer” claps back

The rhetoric “ok boomer” is a joking way to clap back at baby boomers from younger generations for the years of ridicule for fighting against climate change, gender inequality, and for how our youth is incompetent. 

The viral phrase emerged after a video of an older man criticizing the younger generation surfaced on the newest social media app, Tik Tok. “Millennials and Generation Z have the Peter Pan syndrome, they don’t ever want to grow up; they think that the Utopian ideals that they have in their youth are somehow going to translate into adulthood,” the man said. Numerous people have remixed this audio and added the simple phrase: “ok boomer” to fire back.

The phrase “ok boomer” is not always directed at the older generations. It is often used as a joke towards other friends and the people in our own generation. Honestly, it really is not something to take much offense towards–it is just kids being kids.

For several years, the baby boomers have insulted Gen Z for their over usage of phones, for not being smart or old enough to have our voices heard, and asserting that we are doing more harm than good, and accusing us of being lazy and having everything handed to us. While the insult can be reflected in some Gen millenials and Gen Zers, that does not apply to all of us.

Our generation has made a cultural impact on our society, which should not be looked down upon. The #MeToo Movement has started to destigmatize sexual assault for men and women alike, creating a safer community. We have collectively become more accepting, making safe places for LGBTQ+ persons to express their true selves without backlash, releasing the strain on many people’s mental health. While the older generations have not paid much attention to how this Earth is slowly crumbling as time goes on, we are raising awareness surrounding climate change, marching in cities around the world.. 

In the video, the man mentions that the younger generations “don’t ever want to grow up; (and they) think that the Utopian ideals that they have in their youth are somehow going to translate into adulthood.” But many of our youth have to face stress, family issues, discrimination, and more. How does this embody “Utopian ideals?” We know that life is not perfect and we take time out of our daily lives to cope and deal with these problems. Battling these struggles one on one, instead of running away from them, is a true sign of growing up. 

Some baby boomers have gone as far as to call “ok boomer” a slur. Bob Lonsberry, a radio host, referred to it as the “n-word of ageism.” While a ton of baby boomers continuously comment on how Gen Z-ers are “too Politically Correct” or turning into “special snowflakes who get offended over everything,” it is ridiculously ironic how many of those same people are getting offended over this phrase. As if baby boomers did not ridicule us, calling us out as walking zombies who are glued to their cell phones and unable to make actual human connections. But apparently saying “ok boomer,” crosses a line.

This is not to say that millennials and Gen Z-ers are flawless. However, taking matters into our own hands is something that has been long overdue, and our retort.  


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