Origin of Evil packs a surprise

Using a Ouija Board  to talk to dead people is all fun and games, until of course you break literally every rule there is to abide by while playing: Don’t play alone, don’t play in a graveyard, and ALWAYS say goodbye.

Seems simple enough, right? In the new Ouija Board movie, Ouija: Origin of Evil, apparently this isn’t the case for the Zander family when they come across the game that allows them to talk to Doris Zander (Lulu Wilson) and Lina Zander (Annalise Basso)’s deceased father. After ignoring the guidelines of the game, Doris becomes more and more affected each time the family indulges in the Ouija Board’s miracle. She begins to hear dead people whispering, writing in Polish, claiming a ‘nice lady’ guides her hand. Although these encounters seem innocent at first, they soon escalate into something terrifying once Doris becomes possessed by multiple spirits. Lina and Mrs. Zander (Elizabeth Reaser), although scared out of their minds (who wouldn’t be?), attempt to save Dorris with the help of the girls’ headmaster, Father Tom (Henry Thomas).

Lulu Wilson was perfect for the role of Doris. Her paradoxical character, being innocent yet taken over by darkness was portrayed in the creepiest way possible which was definitely appropriate.

The setting and the suspenseful, yet predictable events that took place gave viewers an eerie feeling. Most of the movie took place in the Zander’s house, which was already creepy to begin with. Doris’s paranormal activity only increased the horror.

Although the movie was a typical cheesy horror film, there were some unique elements incorporated in the plot. For example,one rule broken was that you must never play over a graveyard, but the family never had, or so they thought. This adds excitement and an element of surprise. Overall, the movie definitely made me jump in my seat few times and never failed to surprise me with unexpected events.

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