Pippin brings magic to the theater

The crowd begins to grow quiet and bright lights shine upon the actors. They have been preparing months for these moments. Colorful costumes and decor fill the stage as the opening act starts and the music fills the performing arts center.

This year, set up by NPHS’s theater department, Pippin the musical, performed November 4, 5, 10, 11, and 12.  The plot surrounds a young man named Pippin attempting to find himself through a journey of life. This year’s main characters are performed by Kylie Vincent, junior, and Colin Grumney, senior.

Preparation for this production began two months prior to opening night and used many of the student’s after-school hours in order to rehearse. Rehearsals took place Monday through Friday after school until 6:30.

“Balancing between going to rehearsal, then coming home and doing stuff for school and then also rehearsing outside so we’re prepared,” Vincent said. “My favorite part about being in theater in general is challenging myself to do something different and new in every show,” Noah Varav, junior, added.

This year’s play has allowed many students to step out of their comfort zones and to have fun within the show.

“It’s a really challenging, complex concept and so it’s been really fun to find ourselves within the characters, and we are just ready for an audience,” Vincent said.

The theater department spends the most hours perfecting the show during Tech Week, the week prior to opening night.

“(For) Tech Week, we are at school until 9-10 o’clock… It’s the most time consuming because it’s the most sitting around, running thing over and over again, and it goes so late,” Miranda Barraza, senior, said.

In contrast to the other productions put on by theater department, “(Pippin is) a very stylish, cool type-of-show…it’s really innovative and fun and something different,” Noah Varav said.

Having finished the musical, it holds as the final production for many high school seniors, something that is extremely bittersweet.  

“I am super proud of (Pippin this year,) I think it’s really great, I’m leaving my senior year on a high note, which I’m really happy about, it’s a really great show,” Barraza said.

Photo by Caitlin Henderson/Prowler

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