Please do not catch them outside

Despite the “nice people high school” reputation we have, I know of a handful of students who have resorted to physical violence to settle a conflict. It makes me cringe whenever I hear someone say, “Wanna go? Borchard, after school.” Most of the time people are joking, but a fight broke out a couple weeks ago and videos spread throughout the school like a wildfire.

It irritates me when people think that physical fighting is the best solution, but my sympathy tends to kick in sometimes. People who engage in physical fights most likely have problems outside of school, or they do not know any better because of the way they have been raised. It sounds like I am looking down upon them, but I am just trying to understand their side of the story.

I have a theory that pop culture has an influence on the way young people think. For example, Danielle Bregoli became famous for the sophisticated, insightful phrase, “Catch me outside, how bout that?” (although the way she says it, it sounds like “Cash me ousside, how bow dah?”). Watching people get famous for a stupid reason like this inspire gullible people of our generation to be pugnacious.

As the insecure, desperate humans we are, we all want to take on some kind of persona to make us feel accepted by others. Some people excessively brag, some people raise their hand to answer every question the teacher asks, and others engage in fighting because they feel like if they do these things, they will gain the respect of those around them. To many people in this generation, the media portrays the ideal lifestyle.

Fighting is also portrayed as a viable resolution in movies, and the way that it is shown makes the participants look tough and confident. Using bits and pieces of pop culture, people tend to put together their own little Frankenstein of what they think they should be, completely disregarding their true personality and interests. To many, this is what it takes to fill the seemingly endless void of desperation to fit in.

The bottom line is that there are better ways to settle a conflict than physical fights. I sound like a Kindergarten teacher, but when it doubt, just use your words. Fighting is stupid. People fight to prove that they are tough, but it only proves how overwhelmingly discontent they are with themselves. It is easy to lose control of yourself in a world full of expectations and social pressure, but the best thing you can do is stay true to yourself and try not to get a black eye.

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