Pranks, acting, sports: some things never change

The year was 1987. The then-new Red Hot Chili Peppers had been touring California, and even had a concert on the UCLA campus. Lamppost Pizza (also known as the pizza shop with the squishy pencil toppers) was hiring.

As the Panther Prowler celebrates its 50th year of being published, let’s take a walk down memory lane to the 1987 issues.

The senior prank turned sour when the nine seniors who took part were arrested for cutting off 110 feet of the wire fence from around the school and moving it to the quad. The cost of the repairs totaled in at $300 and the students had senior privileges revoked.

The late stages of planning for the Teen Center were proposed and the final location was moved from behind the old Thousand Oaks Library to beside the new Thousand Oaks Library. The groundbreaking ceremony was held on Oct. 13.

Some things never change: the CVUSD School Board was reviewing the possibility of removing off-campus passes, due to tardy or truant students.

Teri Dunn, former ASG adviser, proposed the idea of starting a new chapter of Students Against Driving Drunk to senior, Jeannine Cormier, who started the club and George Hurley agreed to become the adviser of the club.

On the state level, the California State Legislature had approved a law preventing doctors from performing abortions on girls under 18 without the permission of her parents or a court.

The athletic trainers, a present force during all NPHS sports event, were just starting their fourth year of the program. Now, they are nearing their 35th year of helping athletes with injuries, and are an established presence on campus.

The boys’ volleyball team was just starting to be proposed, with plans to be properly formed in 1989. Today, not only do we have volleyball teams for boys and girls, but passionate volleyballers can also join the unofficial beach volleyball team which was formed this year.

As a fun fact to tell your friends and family, actress and dancer Tricia Bartholome attended Newbury Park as a junior in 1987 with parts in “Who’s the Boss?”, “Father Murphy” and “The Explorers,” along with several commercials.

For all those throwback music fans, some still recognizable songs were trending. By December, the soundtrack of Dirty Dancing was ranked number 1 and had been on the charts for 11 weeks. It was followed by Bad by Michael Jackson, Tunnel of Love by Bruce Springsteen, Whitesnake by Whitesnake, and A Momentary Lapse of Reason by Pink Floyd, according to the Los Angeles Times.

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