PTV revamps sports program

The day starts off like any other: daily announcements, groggy students, the weekly PTV segment- the camera zooms in on the two smiling anchors- but with one major difference. The anchors aren’t talking about anything but Newbury Parks’ sports.

PTV sports will now air once a week separate from normal PTV. The new sports segment has opened up new possibilities to several students who can now join the program.

One of the three anchors of PTV Sports, Catie Parker, senior, has been interested in broadcast since freshman year, but was not eligible to join the staff because it was only available after school. However, this year sports is being offered as a rotating fourth period.

“They have wanted to do PTV Sports for three years now. This year they made it work as there are enough students to support the program,” Parker said. “On top of that, everyone is much more involved this year. Until now people were assigned a job the whole year but this year they will be rotating into different roles. Mr. Grimes played a big part in that.”

Derek Grimes, Advanced Digital Production teacher, has been the advisor since the beginning of the program five years ago.

“Mr. Grimes is the best and has helped us at every step. He is responsible for teaching us how to use the camera, how to talk, how to look into camera and teaching us a lot,” Parker said.

Grimes has been involved in revamping the PTV studio along with teaching his students about the general guidelines of broadcast.

“We are in the process of getting a wiring grid installed so that we got room to move cameras on the floor. So mainly less equipment and more sets, lights and a much more professional environment…  Eventually we would like to have live guests and concerts… A place for students to showcase their talents,” Grimes said.

PTV hopes to take on new heights this year with a more flexible staff and a larger studio under Jaycen Sussman, senior, who has been a driving force in the startup of PTV sports.

“It actually started with an idea a couple of years ago when a sports person came about 3 years ago. Slowly the idea kept building up and Jason came aboard and really established himself as sports guy in Sussman Sports. There was enough interest, there was enough popularity and it really took its shape,” Grimes said.

The sports staff, most of whom are new, felt the same way about Sussman’s role in its development: “I am new to the world of PTV. Jaycen has been on the staff for the last few years and has been very helpful in bring us together. He made sure we understood everything and really brought us together,” Parker said.

Tyler Zielinski, senior, is an anchor on PTV and a reporter for sports. The first year member has also been helped through the process by Sussman.

“Jaycen has been amazing all around. He tries super hard to make it good to improve the quality of productions and still finds time to help all of us as well. He is like the leader and keeps us on track,” Zielinski said.

Although the program is made up of primarily new members, Zielinski feels that he is in a closely-knit environment.

“The majority of the staff are seniors, so we are all excited because this is our last year and want to leave a good note, so it’s always really uplifting. It is actually very comfortable to go there and to know people are not just hanging in there, but want to get some work done,” Zielinski said. “I’m really excited to see where this year takes PTV.”

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