Rock climbing allows students to unwind

Rock climbing isn’t a sport for everyone. Whether it’s the heights or high risk for injury, some people simply don’t care for it. But for others, hanging 40 feet off the side of a cliff is just the thrill they need in their life.

Dylan Narkawicz, senior, has enjoyed the outlet that the sport has provided him. “Rock climbing is a great way to get exercise and have fun. It also helps me to relax and take my mind off of other things. I definitely have gotten physically and mentally stronger because of rock climbing,” Narkawicz said.

Furthermore, as an active member in the competitive world of climbing, Narkawicz also enjoys the culture surrounding the sport. “

“Almost all of the competitors are very supportive and helpful towards others and the crowd is always very cheerful,” Narkawicz said. “Rock climbing is also about the community and the people you meet along the way. I’ve met some of my closest friends through climbing.”
Additionally, there is more to the sport than just competition. Other students rock climb recreationally, whether it be in a gym or outdoors. Angelina Powers, senior,finds that the sport still helps push her own limits. “Like anything, you can push yourself mentally and physically while being in beautiful locations,” Powers said.

Another aspect of the sport Powers enjoys is the fact that there is not an end. “No matter how skilled or fit you are, there are challenges easy enough to accomplish but hard enough for you to struggle enough to make the climb meaningful,” Powers said. “After you and your partner send a route, you get a huge sense of achievement.”

Aaron Fang, senior, also climbs recreationally for a multitude of reasons. “Rock climbing is good for getting away from the distractions of everyday life and to just stop thinking. Of course, it’s also good exercise, but for me, that’s just something that comes with the mental aspect of focus and trying to get better. It’s something that’s unique and rewarding, but you need to have the mental and physical fortitude to succeed,” Fang said.

Although this exercise may be seen as a by-product, it certainly isn’t anything to take lightly. In fact, the rock climbing physique is known to have a very low body fat percentage. That’s just another reason why these students believe that everyone should try rock climbing.

“Who doesn’t wanna get absolutely shredded with freaky strong fingers?” Powers said.


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