Seniors begin their last season at soccer tryouts

As seniors are going through their last year of high school, many athletes are aiming to make their last memories on the team as memorable as possible. For boys’ and girls’ soccer, their season launches off as tryouts take place from Oct. 21 to 28 for both new and returning players. 

Bradley Magnussen, senior, is participating in his last high school soccer team tryouts. Playing soccer since he was three, Magnussen played on the varsity team for his sophomore and junior year, sharing the title of being undefeated league champions for both years. 

“Tryouts basically consist of various fitness tests and scrimmages and that cycle of running and playing just continues itself until the teams are made then practices start,” Magnussen said, “The tryouts were affected by the fires. We only had tryouts on Monday and Tuesday and the tryouts for the rest of the week were canceled so they will probably continue this week.”

Holding high expectations for this season, Kody Landon, senior, is also entering his fourth year on the school’s soccer team. While Landon enjoys the fun and inside jokes on the team, his goal this year is to “win league undefeated for the third year in a row and win CIF.”

In addition to the boys’ tryouts, girls’ soccer tryouts were held simultaneously. 

For Mya Amor, senior, this is her second time trying out for the girls’ soccer team. While she played for the high school team when she was a freshman, Amor had to take a two year break due to two torn ACLs. 

In the first week of tryouts, Amor attended three of the practices intended for new players. The tryouts consisted of scrimmages as well as drills such as “Randos,” which display and develops the player’s ability to effectively pass the soccer ball. Amor is looking forward to returning to the field and many of the team bonding activities. 

“I am really looking forward to Secret Sisters. Either every home game or every away game, in a group chat you text like your favorite drink or your favorite candy or chips and every away game you bring a bag with your name on it. It is like Secret Santa, you don’t want them to know who it is so at the end of the year you can guess,” Amor said. 

Even though the season hasn’t officially started, hopes and expectations are high for this year’s soccer season. 

“I’m also hoping to just make my last year memorable with the team and give the young lads some quality time to remember,” Magnussen said. “Hopefully we can lure more attention to the soccer program this year and really get some crowds going because we are the best program at the school hands down,” Magnussen said. 

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