Seniors scavenge for treasure

Several senior classes go on picnics, other classes go to six flags and some even have class scavenger hunts. Luckily, the Class of 2019 has all three this year. On Feb. 9, many senior students partook in a fun, tiring day around Ventura and Malibu County.  

Brian Fang, senior, organized the hunt for his fellow peers. Each member logged onto a website created by Joseph Sullivan, senior, who helped Fang create an efficient way to receive hints and track other players’ progress. The website provided hints to the next location once team players inputted the clue they found from the prior location. Clues were hidden at each location on a pink sticky note, and the goal was to be the first to each clue.

Planning since mid-December, Fang was strategic when picking destinations and always kept in mind what would be the most fun for the teams. Whether it was climbing up a hill on the side of the Decker Canyon freeway for bonus points or completing challenges like “chubby bunny,” Brian ensured each player was always kept busy.

Zain Kazi, senior, loved the hectic, competitive energy while completing each clue. “It was really fun to see everyone so committed to the scavenger hunt, and I really enjoyed watching all my friends and peers get so competitive with it.”

Kazi’s favorite part of the scavenger hunt was the karaoke challenge. “I’ve always been a fan of singing even though I’m not the best, but this challenge really let me express my vocal talents,” he said.

Catie Parker, senior, heard stories about how fun the scavenger hunt was last year, and wanted to participate this year. “I thought it would be a good way to spend a day with friends. It seemed interesting because I have always been a big fan of amazing race, and this seemed to be a smaller version of that,” she said.

Kazi also believes the scavenger hunt was a great addition to senior year festivities. “Brian Fang did an exceptional job putting the whole hunt together. The amount of effort and time he put into this activity is extremely impressive. I couldn’t thank him enough.”

The scavenger hunt gave many seniors great memories to remember their last few months here at NPHS. “It was definitely a memorable experience filled with cool adventures and lots of funny photos,” Kazi said.

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