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Over the summer many students traveled around the world, waking up in Newbury Park and falling asleep in a hotel bed in Manhattan or on a hammock in Indonesia. To let their friends know about the unique and exciting places they were en route to or already exploring, they posted an avalanche of photos and videos on social media, with one of the most popular forms being Snapchat. The seconds on their stories added up with every unique city they drove through, and a vast Snapchat geotag collection complemented their diverse travels. After concluding that the lighting in the selfie was just right, students worked out their lateral thumb swiping talents as they slid from filter to filter, deciding on the perfect geotag.

Snapchat geotags, the electronic tags that show a geographical location, have become quite the recent fad, as the city of Newbury Park has two tags and the high school has three of its own. Most students who went on their summer vacations eventually returned to the familiar streets of Newbury Park, and the recognizable black and yellow flowers were once again seen on their Snapchat. However, for most of the recent 2015 graduates, those N.P. geotags are a thing of the past. The high school’s iconic “Welcome to the Jungle” geotag has been put to rest for many of our alumni, and it will only resurface on those visits back home when the former students return to see their favorite teachers, reminisce about the good times and share stories about their lives at college. At graduation, many students took their last Snapchat picture with the NPHS geotags and today, we see those students embarking on a new chapter in their lives. The black and gold has been replaced by a rainbow of unfamiliar school colors and geotags, identifying a new era in the lives of our graduates.

See where Newbury Park High School students and graduates spent their summers:

Snapchat picture credit: Michaela Juels, Andrew Mason, Lisa Vaiman, Ryanna Hammond, Chloe Diestel and Austin Plambeck


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