Spotify is better than Apple Music

I am an absolute music nerd. I can’t go anywhere without a pair of earbuds with me, and I have to be the one to control the aux cord. For the past two years, I have listened to more than 190,000 minutes of music total, or about four and a half hours everyday. That is to say I have some idea of which music streaming service is the best, and so you should take it to heart when I say that Spotify is far superior to Apple Music in particular.

Before you Apple Music advocates get angry, I realize that these are fighting words, so of course I have points to support my argument. First off, Spotify records the music you listen to all year, giving you a recap of how your year of music went. This is the Spotify Wrapped, and it is how I know how many minutes I’ve listened too, as well as my top artists, top genres and other quirky music facts.

On top of this, the service collects data to expose you to new music that you have never heard but may enjoy, making a playlist for you called “Tastebreakers,” something that is personalized to every user. I can even vouch for the quality of this playlist. With a strangle mix of genres that I wouldn’t typically listen to, Spotify has really opened up my already broad music preferences with this playlist. Any music lover knows how hard it can be to find new music that they really enjoy, so Spotify truly provides for their users unlike other services that have nothing of the sort.

Furthermore, Spotify has amazing streaming quality with multiple levels that you can choose from depending on your needs, while also providing for non-paying members. With Apple Music, you are dead out of luck if you can’t afford the monthly subscription, and personally I’ve never fully enjoyed the quality of the music like I have in Spotify. Plus as a kid I did not have a monthly paycheck, so I couldn’t get Apple Music if I wanted to. Overall, this just means that Spotify is just better for a wider audience, and has a streaming quality that I personally have found to be very intricate and precise.

Naturally, I can’t ignore the fact that Apple Music has more content, with access to more songs and podcasts compared to Spotify. But to this I must say that as an avid music listener, I have barely scraped the surface of the world of music and don’t expect to reach the ends of it any time soon. I feel that this criteria is ridiculous, in the sense that there is enough music on both platforms to fill an entire lifetime.

I believe that a lot of people hold on to their purist beliefs of how Apple Music may be superior to Spotify, but all the while overlook the cold hard facts. Spotify offers more functionality and quality in terms of the music you stream, and in all provides a better experience for music enthusiasts.

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