2016-2017 Staff

Nina Chiuchiarelli (12) // Co-Editor-in-Chief

Nina Chiuchiarelli has been at Newbury Park High School for all four years after moving from Detroit, Michigan with her mom and dog, Vinnie, during her seventh grade year. While the move has been challenging, she said she became more outgoing because of this change, and encourages other people in similar situations to do the same. On track to get an IB diploma, she is taking six IB classes this year, in addition to being a part of many extracurriculars, such as  being a reporter for the Thousand Oaks Acorn, committee member of TedXYouth@Conejo, and Vice President of CSF. Planning to become a journalist, she wants to report on politics for a few years, then go to law school, and pursue something in either politics or defending high school free speech. As Co-Editor in Chief, she is very nervous, but also grateful for this opportunity, saying she loves Prowler so much.

Victoria Juan (12) // Co-Editor-in-Chief 

Born and raised in Thousand Oaks, Victoria Juan enjoys playing water polo and hiking in the mountains because she finds the outdoors relaxing. Having been on Prowler staff since her sophomore year, Victoria will serve as co-editor-in-chief this year. She joined Prowler because of her love for writing and her belief in the student voice. She is working towards her IB diploma and is actively participating in various science and technology clubs on campus. In the future, she hopes to pursue a career in engineering and medicine, and own a few dogs and cats. No matter what career she pursues, she strives to be a socially responsible citizen.

Rachna Deshpande (12) // Ad Manager, Features and Entertainment Copy Editor

Rachna is a journalism lover, science nerd, and avid humanitarian. A full IB diploma candidate, Rachna hopes to pursue a career in medicine as she is greatly interested in biology, and volunteers at a local pediatrician’s office and hospital. At school, she is involved in HOSA, FBLA, NHS, and CSF. This year, she is more than excited to join the Pawprint yearbook staff as the Co Editor-in-Chief. On staff of the Panther Prowler for three years, Rachna is looking forward to continuing her work as Copy Editor. In her free time, she enjoys Indian classical dance, Bollywood movies, and acrylic paintings. With a passion for traveling and helping the less fortunate, Rachna volunteers in developing cities such as Port Au Prince, Haiti and Tijuana, Mexico. With her experiences and upbeat personality, she encourages people to go the extra mile to help those in need.

Jordan Jomsky (12) // Staff Writer

Jordan Jomsky has wanted to join the Prowler staff since his freshman year, and finally signed up to make the most of his last high school semester. He goes by many titles: collector of infographics, lover of black licorice, space and Stephen Hawking fanatic, varsity captain of the boys’ water polo team, and co-president of the LLS Club. Jordan always uses three words to describe himself: analytical, personable, and mature. After college, he plans on pursuing a career as a biomedical engineer, an astrophysicist, a political scientist, and eventually a teacher after he retires at age 55. Most importantly, Jordan never fails to follow his motto both in journalism and in life as he “never stops questioning anything!”

Nelson Kappas (12) // Online Editor, Features Designer

Nelson Kappas, senior, is going into his second year on the Panther Prowler staff as an online editor and the features page designer. In his spare time, he plays club volleyball for Ventura County Volleyball Club and beach volleyball for the school club. He began playing volleyball in his freshman year and kept developing his skills, eventually making varsity last year. Kappas has his eyes set on the UC system, but is still determining his major. He is interested in criminal justice, political science, and sociology, but has yet to make a decision which path he will pursue.

John MacMillen (12) // Opinion Editor

As John MacMillen enters his second year on the Prowler Staff, his passion for writing opinion articles–specifically about politics–continues. Outside the walls of the B-9 Journalism room, a few of his passions consist of coffee, tea, and ironically, an abundant amount of sleep. Besides his bed, his favorite places to go to are cafes: he enjoys the atmosphere of small, cozy coffee shops that provide him comfort and relaxation. John sees the Prowler Staff comparable to a cafe. In the midst of the hustle and bustle, he feels a sense of warmth and geniality.

Alyssa Boedigheimer (11) // Sports Designer, Graphic Artist

Alyssa Boedieghimer: she’s a runner, actress, artist, cat person, full IB-er, and girl scout. She is currently enjoying her third year of being on the Panther Prowler staff; however, she is not as ecstatic about her challenging junior year. She designs the sports page, and is also the Prowler’s graphic artist. Boedieghimer is on the Junior Varsity Cross Country team. Along with that, she has done girl scouts for eleven years, and is trying to get a position working at a pet store. She loves animals, but is particularly a cat person. Besides her already very busy schedule, not to mention a full IB course load at school, Boedieghimer will participate in  Theater whenever time permits. With all of her strange but very interesting and random facts, she is a valuable addition to the Panther Prowler staff.

Lindsay Filgas (11) // Online Editor, News Copy Editor, Broadcast Team, Entertainment Designer

Lindsay Filgas has been interested in digital video production since 6th grade, when she got a new laptop and played around with iMovie.  At first, she solely made movies with her friends and siblings, but she now hopes to reach out to people and leave her mark on her community through short documentary films. In addition to her dedication to the journalism broadcast team, Lindsay co-chairs the mock trial team, plays golf for NPHS, and is taking a heavy course load of AP/IB classes as a junior.  Very much an outdoorsy person, she can’t imagine living outside of California, and she plans to study film production and media literacy at a California university.  With her multi-faceted personality and a variety of hobbies and interests, she will continue contributing her insight during her third year on the Panther Prowler.

Caitlin Henderson (11) // Chief Photographer, Broadcast Team

Caitlin is the chief photographer of the Panther Prowler: her job is to take photographs of students and events and to write articles. In the future, she aspires to study photojournalism at Emerson College. When she isn’t working for the newspaper, she can be found writing on her blog about social justice, playing music with her band, or spending time with her labrador retriever. She started involving herself with social justice in sophomore year, and enjoys voicing her opinions. Caitlin started playing the piano in sixth grade and has been singing all of her life. Not only does she love dogs, but memes too. Her current favorite is the “I’m dropping hints” meme. Her life is immersed with the art of writing, from her IB English class to songwriting to journalism. She is excited for the Prowler and is hopeful for a great year.

Gianna Longo (11) // Cover and Editorial Designer

Gianna Longo, designer, is a page editor for the Prowler. She was born in Thousand Oaks, and has lived here her entire life. She became interested in journalism as a freshman when she took the intro to journalism class and stood out for her writing. She joined the Prowler second semester last year when the previous co-editors sent her a letter asking her to join the staff.  In her free time, she enjoys singing, playing the guitar, and reading because they all help her stay calm. She has been playing soccer her entire life, and was on the frosh/soph soccer team as a sophomore last year. She is a good student and loves history and English, both of which she finds very fascinating.

Kabir Rao (11) // Assistant Ad Manager, Staff Writer

Angela Swartz (11) // Opinion Designer, Broadcast Team

Angela Swartz is on her third year with the Prowler and second as opinion designer. Since freshman year of high school Swartz has been very involved with on campus activities, such as swim team and the NHS Club. When she needs a break from her multiple AP classes she’s taking this year, Swartz loves to kick back and binge watch shows on Netflix. Out of all the shows she likes to watch, Futurama remains her favorite. On her free time, Swartz volunteers with Los Robles Hospital and Red Cross where she assists with administration for patients and is always there to help when needed.

Megan Vlietstra (11) // Photographer

Megan Vlietstra, junior, is a brand new addition to the Prowler staff this year, and will serve as a photographer. Motivated by the presence of friend, fellow junior, and chief photographer Caitlin Henderson, Vlietstra decided to apply to join the staff. She did so hoping to build new relationships and become a part of campus culture. In her free time, Vlietstra competes in equestrian sports such as horse jumping. Despite still deciding on her major, Vlietstra is very interested in going to Long Island University. While originally inspired by their equestrian program, the college has continually attracted her interest because of its offering a wide variety of academic areas she enjoys. Vlietstra admitted to being a little nervous about beginning her growing journalistic career, but looks forward to leaving her comfort zone in the year to come.

Daria Azizad (10) // Staff Writer

Daria Azizad is a staff writer who is entering her first year on staff. She is a sophomore taking AP classes, including (but not limited to) AP Physics, European History, and IB Environmental Science. Her love of science encourages her to follow in her family’s footsteps and go into the medical field, but she also loves to express herself through writing. Azizad is drawn to science because she loves to find answers to questions and find new discoveries. Sci-fi novels began Azizad’s interest in writing, her favorites including The Shadow Series. In her free time, Azizad boxes at the gym, reads books such as The Way of Kings, and participates in Mock Trial. Her goal is to inform others in current events through news articles, and one day travel to Thailand.

Maya Chari (10) // Staff Writer, Social Media Team

Maya Chari is a sophomore staff writer and works on the social media relations team on the Prowler. Maya joined the Prowler because she has a love for writing and enjoys keeping up to date with school events. This year, she hopes to incorporate opinion pieces about issues that would inspire more students to read the newspaper. Other than journalism, she’s an athlete who has played soccer for eleven years and runs track for the school team. Maya has a passion for working with animals and the environment. She is very involved with volunteer work for animal shelters and interns for the National Park Service. Maya hopes to incorporate what she learns in journalism into her future career and to study at UCLA.

Kessa Chavez (10) // News Designer

Kessa Chavez, sophomore, enjoys reading mystery and adventure novels in her free time. She joined the Panther Prowler because of her passion for writing that she acquired through taking Journalism 1. Chavez has still has not decided her future profession, but knows that she wants to have a career that involves writing. Outside of school, she enjoys swimming and playing tennis with her friends. Her ideal friend is someone who is confident, outgoing and friendly. When Chavez is at home, she enjoys watching crime documentaries with her family. She plans to continue the Panther Prowler for the rest of her high school career. 

Connor Keep (10) // Sports Copy Editor, Broadcast Team

Connor Keep, sophomore, is entering his second year writing for the Panther Prowler and so far, it has been an enriching experience for him. He enjoyed working with his peers and made new friendships. Journalism has improved his writing skills and he plans on being on the newspaper for all four years of high school. He currently runs cross country and track and played basketball last year. He hopes to continue doing journalism in college and wants to pursue a career in journalism as a sports writer or a sports broadcaster.

Sarah Lu (10) // Photographer

Sarah Lu joined the Panther Prowler staff as a photographer this year. After taking Photography 1 and 2 in her freshman year, Sarah is hoping to put her photography talents to good use in the Prowler. She is excited to get to know people through interviews and write entertainment articles. Sarah has also been a member of the Varsity swim team since her freshman year, but has been swimming competitively since 2008. Sarah enjoys crime shows including NCIS and Bones, and hopes to pursue a career in medicine or as a forensic pathologist.

Farhaan Pathan (10) // Photographer

Farhaan Pathan, sophomore, is looking forward to his second year on the Panther Prowler staff as a photographer. His favorite thing to photograph is vast landscapes. He joined the newspaper after taking Journalism 1, where he realized his love for writing and wanted to improve his skills. His hobbies include not only watching, but also playing basketball. He also runs track for the school track team. His favorite thing about being on the staff is the fact that everyone is supportive of one another and that his communication skills have improved. Once he graduates he plans on going to UCSD or UCLA. He wants to pursue career somewhere within mathematics or computer engineering.

James Pratt (10) // Staff Writer

James is a sharp, up-and-coming journalist that joined the staff his sophomore year. Not only is he a sponsored, traveling yo-yo player, but he is also a member of Men’s Choir and president of White Rice Club. He joined the Prowler because he feels that it is important to keep his peers informed and wants to improve his writing skills. For his future career, he aspires to be a business owner or a real estate agent after going to a four year university and possibly law school. He maintains a professional attitude in working with others, but will not stop himself from being the brutally honest person he is at his core. He is anxious for his first semester as a staff writer, but knows that he is ready to take on a challenge.

Kavita Rai (10) // Staff Writer, Public Relations Team

Sophomore Kavita Rai is a traveller of the world, activist for equality and social change, lover of comedy, and public relations representative and opinion copy editor for the Panther Prowler. Kavita is the calmest person with the loudest voice, and she intends to use her position on the Prowler to let her voice be heard. As an ambitious student, Kavita not only takes pride in her achievements but also the struggle onto which her goals were founded. With her confidence and respect for her efforts, Kavita intends to go to law school and to become a successful lawyer.

Nidhi Satyagal (10) // Staff Writer

Nidhi decided to do journalism because she wanted to be able to showcase the different clubs and activities offered to the student body. She gets her ability to easily express both her opinions and the thoughts of her peers from Mock Trial, where she is a defense attorney. An avid reader, Nidhi loves everything Harry Potter. She also enjoys watching TV and listening to Borns. She is a world traveler, and has visited Switzerland, Austria, Germany, India, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Singapore, and Canada. Nidhi is excited to write both factual and opinion articles, and hopes that her experience with journalism will help her express her opinions in her future professions.

Jaycen Sussman (10) // Staff Writer, Broadcast Team

Although a newcomer to the Panther Prowler, Jaycen Sussman, sophomore, already has a background in journalism. Since May 2016, Sussman has had a career in sports broadcasting with his own weekly segment at a local radio station, 101.5 KOCI, where he gives updates about all Southern California sports. Sussman was never afraid of speaking in front of the microphone: talking about his love of sports came naturally to him. He hopes to transfer that passion to the Panther Prowler, where he plans to write and broadcast about school sports. In school, Sussman plays water polo and plans to be apart of Panther TV as a reporter. The staff writer and member of the broadcast team hopes to major in broadcast journalism at either ASU or USC in the future.

Clare Wang (10) // News Designer

Clare Wang, the Prowler’s news designer, was once an introjournalism student and is now a new member on staff. After discovering the different areas of the journalism world, Clare became passionate about writing and designing. Most of all, Clare enjoys sharing her views on the world through her opinion pieces, her favorite article to write. Clare is an introvert, always observing the world around her and looking for a great story. After a long day of classes, Clare dedicates her free time to practicing violin, cheer, and studying.

Rahul D’Souza (9) // Staff Writer

Rahul D’Souza, freshman, joined the Panther Prowler as a staff writer this year.  He joined because he enjoyed the Yearbook and Journalism class he took in sixth grade. His goals on staff are to write intuitive articles for the paper and to be known by his peers as a good writer. Rahul was on the debate team in middle school, which he believes will help him with writing news and feature articles. He is also trying out for the basketball and tennis team, which will help him have an inside look on those teams for sports articles. He does not plan to pursue journalism as his career as it is solely a  hobby; however, he does plan to write for the Panther Prowler for all four years of high school. D’Souza wants to be an engineer and hopes to go to MIT, UCLA, or UC Berkeley. 

Emily Nagamoto (9) // Photographer

Bright eyed and eager to learn, Emily Nagamoto is an incoming freshmen to keep an eye out for. Besides being a photographer for the Panther Prowler this year, Nagamoto will be joining FBLA and playing for the tennis team. She is also involved in her church, taking part in numerous community service projects. Nagamoto is excited for her first year of high school, but as she is very mature for her age, her eyes are already set on the big prize: college. She hopes to have fun, get good grades while not being too stressed at the same time, and help make an amazing Prowler this year.

Aditya Vunuum (9) // Staff Writer

Incoming freshman Aditya Vunnum will be a staff writer for the Panther Prowler this coming year. He describes himself as a hardworking person when it comes to school and especially applies himself in English class, as it is his favorite subject. His interest in writing lead him to step out of his comfort zone and put his skills towards writing articles for the newspaper. He hopes to improve his writing and gain more experience in journalism. In his free time, Aditya also enjoys playing baseball, reading, watching TV, and hanging out with friends.

Michelle Saremi // Adviser

Past Editors-in-Chief:

2015-2016: Adrianna Robakowski and Shreya Chattopadhyay

2014-2015: Grace O’Toole & Courtney Brousseau

2013-2014: Cassie Stephenson & Patrick Rewers

2012-2013: Rachel Cross & John Dichirico

2011-2012: Sophie Li & Maia Laabs