Staples closing affects students

The Newbury Park branch of Staples, a store that supplied students of all ages with school supplies, closed this summer, leaving an empty for lease warehouse behind. It is not yet known what Staples will be replaced with.

Staples and Target had long competed for the attention of students. The giant school-supply superstore was generally more expensive, but sold everything from graphing calculators to giant poster boards, while target has a cheaper but a far more limited school supply section.

“I went to staples a lot because it was very close, so I am upset that it is gone,” Haley Washington, junior, said. Students who want supplies specifically sold at Staples now have to shop online or travel to the Office Depot in Thousand Oaks.

However, some students are indifferent about the store closing. “I bought supplies from Target anyways; students can go to different stores and get supplies cheaper,” Brian Fang, junior said.

“Target doesn’t have as many supplies as Staples does,” Washington said. Although the store is generally more inexpensive, the school supplies section is confined to two aisles. “We all have to find a solution to not going to Staples anymore. It’s not anything we can fix,” Washington said.

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