Stormi could face hate for the name

Kylie Jenner gave birth to her first child, a baby girl, on Feb. 1. She was rumored to have chosen the name Posie for her new baby, short for Mariposa, but Jenner’s Instagram later revealed that her real name would be Stormi Webster Jenner.

It is so typical for one of the Jenners to coincidentally give their baby a name like Stormi during a time like this. For those who are uninformed, Stormy Daniels is a young woman who has been involved in a scandal with our current sitting president, Donald Trump. It is weird timing to name a baby Stormi when someone with the same name has been at the center of so much controversy. Posie is not much better, but at least it is slightly more dignified. Having a name like Stormi would be like wearing a huge sign that says, “Harass me.” It’s definitely not fair to the child.

It is possible that the weird baby name could be a publicity stunt. Press is press, even if it is not putting them in a good light. Since Kylie’s family is literally famous for being famous, they thrive on attention. I am convinced that they used the name “Stormi” as a way to get people to buy into their racquet. Not only is Stormi the baby of a family notorious for their capacity to start drama, but she has a unique, controversial name that has become the latest outrage among my peers and the media.

There are so many reasons why it is wrong to use a human being for publicity. The name itself could lead to unwanted harassment due to the reputation of another well known person with the same name, Stormy Daniels.

There should be a universal understanding that humans are not to be treated like commodities. I feel like the welfare of the child has been completely disregarded as her parents plunge her into the life of a celebrity, where they feel they have to sell their souls to stay relevant in the media. Naming the baby Stormi seems like a desperate measure on Kylie’s end to do just that. The fact that the baby has to grow up in that environment is not healthy, especially when controversy can be sparked by her very name.

Maybe I am reading too much into the motives behind the baby’s name. Kylie most likely wanted to choose a unique name for her child, but her lack of research or  general disregard for the baby led her to choosing a scandalous name that is likely to affect the child’s future. If what people say is true, and the name of a person does have an effect on how they turn out, then boy, do we have another storm coming, or should I say, another Stormi.

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