Student vs Teacher

Noah Varav, senior, VS Tiffani Coull, history teacher


What is the deepest part of the ocean?

Varav: They dropped Megatron in it at the end of the first Transformers movie, it’s a trench…

Coull: Hold on… Continental Basin?

Answer: Mariana Trench

Transformers can’t help you now, Varav.



Which city won the 2017 World Series?

V: Houston

C: Houston

A: Houston

Just like the Astros won their first ever World Series, Varav and Coull each got their first point.



Which iced tea is named after a famous golfer?

V: Arnold Palmer

C: Arnold Palmer, it’s an iced tea, lemonade combo.

A: Arnold Palmer

Who knew beverage trivia would be so popular?



Which dog breed is the most popular in the United States?

V: Golden retriever/ yellow lab

C: It’s either a lab or a golden retriever… I’ll go with golden retriever.

A: Labrador retriever

Should have gone with option A, Coull. Everyone knows A is always the answer. Both were close, but not accurate enough.



What style of art is Andy Warhol most known for?

V: The style! The Campbell’s soup can things… pop art?

C:Pop art.

A: Pop art

The American artist was one of the most well known during the art movement of pop art, the soup can painting being his most famous.



Who is the girl with telekinesis powers in Stranger Things?

V: Eleven

C: Why can’t this be a Game of Thrones question? She’s played by Millie Bobby Brown… I just don’t know.

A: Eleven

Varav pulls ahead, possibly for the win? Sorry Coull, maybe a GoT question next time.



Which country does the term “deja vu” come from?

V: Geez, I wish I had studied for this. Germany.

C: France.

A: France

And Coull has tied it up. Her geography and language skills are on point.



What is Harry Potter’s middle name?

V: James.

C: It was his dad’s name… James! James! James!

A: James

Although extra points should be awarded for enthusiasm, Varav and Coull end on a tie.


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