Students display creative works at art show

The art show took place on the week of March 14-17 and featured a number of independent artists and the works from art classes on campus. The show was held in the cafeteria and showcased artists, photographers, and poets.

One artist that showcased his work was Spencer Cabello, junior, who has taken Art Media and is now in AP Art. Cabello plans on taking IB Art as a senior, next year, and is very excited for the opportunity. Cabello has always had a passion for art. “I’ve been interested in art my whole life as a way to express myself. Animation, movies, and other people’s drawings really inspired me to try to try to make my own stuff,” he said.

Cabello’s art wall at the show was based around animals. He had never been in the art show before. He finds inspiration from “random things (that) just sort of pop into my head all the time, and I’m always sketching them out on whatever I have near me. If the idea is any good, I try to incorporate it into a project,” Cabello said. “A lot of my stuff on the wall this year were these sort of fantastic animals or creatures and my different interpretations of them, but the truth is I draw pretty much whatever pops into my head,”

A photographer that was in the art show was Ethan Duffy, junior. Unlike Cabello, he has had experience with the art show. “This is my second year being in the show; last year one of my photos from darkroom got in because Mr. Lindroth selected it. This year I had 10 photos on the show and I had an entire panel,” Duffy said.

Duffy loves photography, but he sees it as only a hobby at the moment. “I do see photography being a hobby throughout my life but I also do see myself potentially selling my photos to anyone interested,” he said. Duffy could possibly have a career in selling photography.

Stay tuned for reporting on the Ekphrastic poetry contest winners!

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