Sushi Fujiya is worth every penny

As I walk into Sushi Fujiya in Camarillo, I am seated by a hostess and asked what I would like to drink and if I was going to engage in the endeavor of the “all you can eat” sushi. Of course, I respond with the answer of yes and ask for a glass of water. I am seated with three of my friends who also order the all you can eat.

We did not have a reservation, but the place was not packed on that Friday night. The option of all you can eat costs $25 and with tip it comes out to about $30. The rules of purchasing this meal are very simple. There are three rounds of sushi orders, which the customer has to eat all of the food or pay for an extra cost equivalent to what you did not finish. About 80 different items are available to choose from on the all you can eat menu. Sashimi and a few different specialty rolls are not included.

During the first round of ordering, my table ordered an abundance of food, including the lobster crunch roll, two tiger crunch rolls, a caterpillar roll, a new caterpillar roll, a dynamite roll, a spicy tuna cut roll, three miso soups, and a tuna cut roll. To say the least, we had our hands full with the first batch of sushi.

I attacked the tiger crunch roll first which was doused in the crunchy flakes and was wonderful. My favorite thing during the first round was by far the lobster crunch roll, which consists of fried lobster on top of a fried spicy tuna roll with a sauce over it. The only negative of this round was the tuna cut roll. The tuna cut roll had too much rice and not enough fish. Unfortunately, this made me more full than I should have been early in the rounds.

At the end of round one I was comfortable and could still eat more, but for a normal dining experience I would call it a day. Round two came about and as a group we decided to order on the lighter side for this round as we were trying to think strategically to get the most food for our money.

In round two, we ordered three orders of salmon sushi (two pieces per one order of sushi), two orders of yellowtail sushi, two orders of tuna sushi, one order of octopus sushi, one eel sushi, and an edamame. We thought it would be a good choice to only stick with sushi orders for this round and go light. The edamame cleared my palate and the salmon, yellowtail, and tuna tasted very fresh with the warm rice under it. The pairing of the rice and fish was delectable.

After the end of that round, I was starting to feel confident for the final round because of how easy that round had felt (let me remind you, I did not eat much). Time had passed and I thought I had digested the previous food, so I would be good for the next round. Oh, how I was wrong.

For the final round, as a table we ordered a caterpillar roll, a volcano roll, a spider roll, a spicy tuna cut roll, one mackerel sushi, one tuna sushi, one salmon sushi, and one sea urchin sushi. I sent the order in and my friends started to get mad at me because they thought we had ordered too much, so I assured them (because I was so confident) that if there was anything not eaten, I would pay for it.

Our food arrives and one of my friends eats the caterpillar roll and taps out. So, three of us had a lot of food to deal with. For this batch of sushi my favorite was the volcano roll which had baked salmon on top of a california roll. The only negative of this round was having to eat the spider roll because it had too much rice and it filled me up.

In the final stretch of eating the sushi I became extremely full and kept telling myself I had to finish the food. My final bite of sushi was the sea urchin, which has a very runny consistency and it is an acquired taste. As I finish the bite I realize that we had finished all of the sushi on the table and I was proud of myself. As we left the restaurant, I was very uncomfortable and it was the most full I had ever felt in my life.

The dining experience was unique because I never thought I would eat a meal and worry about how much water I should drink to eat the most amount of food. The vibe of the restaurant was very relaxed and something that I thought was unique about the restaurant was that there was a call button to summon the waiter.

All in all, I definitely think that dining at Sushi Fujiya was worth it and was better than going to a normal sushi place to eat. Although it might not be the best sushi in the world, everything was delicious and it is the most bang for your buck. It was an experience that I will not forget, so I recommend taking some friends and go have a dinner at Sushi Fujiya.

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