Take ‘em to Wendy’s®

So, before we even start, let me put a disclaimer out there:

I do not hate Valentine’s Day just because I am sad and alone. Actually, my state of unattractive solitude has nothing to do with my dislike for Feb. 14.

What does, however, continue to attribute to my utter distaste, is all this “love” stuff.

Okay, now, get your knickers out of a bunch and let me finish. Do not go opening your mouth with that, “OH MY GOODNESS, LOGAN—!”

No. Stop.

Just what is so fascinating about Valentine’s Day? I have always been genuinely curious about what everyone finds so fascinating about it.

I recognize that it is for significant others to go all out and show their care for the other. And that is wonderful; you normally take them to Taco Bell, but on Valentine’s Day you push the budget and take them somewhere classier, like Wendy’s.

But, what I find interesting, are the people who dawn their affection on their partner only on Valentine’s Day. As if, now that the rest of society is up in arms about “show them you care!” you decide to bring out the big guns for an whole 18-24 hours. Kudos to you, my dude.

I am tired of hearing all the Zales and “Every kiss begins with Kay” nonsense on the radio. As if the radio did not already play subpar tunes nowadays, I am to be subjected to cringey jewelry commercials, where they go on and on about “show her how much you love her: get her a pair of 24k gold earrings! Now only $399.99!”

Beyond me not having that much money, why should I have to get someone anything to show them I care? If I do, I will try to show them daily.

I  try to not use the word ‘love.’ I do not like it and hate to use it. But, in this case, I will; because the word ‘care’ will probably not come across as strongly as I want.

I have never been good at showing care or affection and when I try, I probably ruin things. However, if I love someone, they can bet their buttons I will try to show them that everyday. I cannot afford much (if anything at all), so they will probably not receive anything of material value, but I do hope that they will take my awkward attempts as something just as much.

If you care about someone, would you not want to show them everyday; to let them know that they are your whole world; that they are the reason you wake up every morning? That no matter what happens, even if they hate you and forget you, you will always love them?

Call me whatever you like, but I think if I were to truly care about someone– if I have ever truly cared about someone– I would muster up whatever I can think of to ensure that they know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that I cared about them.

That I love them.

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