Tea Time with Dean Magnante

Dean Magnante is a celebrity on campus. A standout at events like the Borchard All American Game, Magnante is known for his big heart and charismatic smile. I had a chance to sit down with Dean to get to know him a little bit better.

What are some of ur hobbies/activities that you love the most?

Some of my favorite activities are basketball, volleyball, surfing, and skateboarding. I love to play sports, and have played sports my entire life because I love playing competitively, especially against my friends, and find it fun to be active and do these sports. I have been skateboarding for a while now, and I think it’s a fun way to relieve stress and relax. Surfing is also very stress relieving and fun, so that’s sick too.

What’s your favorite video game and why?

My favorite video game is Fortnite cause it’s the only game I’m kind of good at. I’ve been playing Fortnite for about two years, and I started playing because a lot of my friends were. I don’t play as much now due to a busier schedule, but I definitely still try to play when I can.

Who’s a better rapper: Kendrick or Drake?

Kendrick is a better rapper, Drake is a better singer and song maker though. My favorite Kendrick Lamar song is “i” and my favorite Drake song is “Headlines.” My favorite rapper though is Travis Scott and my favorite song by him is “Butterfly Effect.”

What’s the greatest movie of all time?

The greatest movie of all time is Superbad because it is hilarious. I love the movie because it is just a bunch of high school kids trying to have a good time, and the characters are really funny, and I dig that Jonah hill is one of the main characters.

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be?

If I could go anywhere in the world right now, I would go to Hanalei Bay, Kauai because the water is warm and the waves are nice. I also dig the island vibes. The last time I went to Hanalei Bay was the summer of 2016, and we surfed every day we were there and ate a lot of shaved ice. We had just had a big family reunion on Oahu, but my family has always liked Kauai because it’s not crowded and has beautiful scenery, as well as awesome beaches.

What’s going on in your life right now?

In my life right now, I’m just having fun in senior year, playing some volleyball and getting ready for the NPBA season ya know.6. I’m excited for volleyball because I believe we have the potential to be a really good team this year and it’s a great group of guys, so it’s always a fun and enjoyable experience. Being that it is senior is also really cool and just makes me even more excited. I’m excited for NPBA because I get to play with a lot of my friends and can just play some chill basketball with a bunch of different people.

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