The new “Thor” crashes on screen

“Thor Ragnarok” is the newest, much-anticipated addition to the Marvel series, drawing attention since it was first announced in 2014. It features Chris Hemsworth as Thor, and his quest to save his planet from his evil sister. The movie takes place on various planets and introduces new characters such as Hela, the evil sister, and features some familiar faces of Loki and Heimdall, the gatekeeper. “Thor Ragnarok” generated a lot of hype around its release date but the movie did not live up to the hype.

I had such high hopes for “Thor Ragnarok” when I walked into the theater but was utterly disappointed after watching the movie. I am normally a huge fan of everything Marvel but this movie did not live up to the expectations that I had.

As much as I enjoyed the storyline, the humor of the movie distracted me from the overall story. The movie opens up to show Thor hanging in a cage in a volcanic chamber. Several minutes later, he is dangling in front of a volcanic monster, slowly spinning on the end of the chain. As he spins, he demands that the monster waits until he faces him before he starts talking. It was meant to be funny. However, I found the scene awkward and uncomfortable to watch because I did not find it funny. The comedy was forced and distracted from the movie. If there had been better chemistry between the characters or better screenwriting, perhaps I would have enjoyed it more but after this point, I knew that I was not going to like this movie.  

When the humor flows easily between the characters and they have visible chemistry, comedy can be a fantastic genre. However, when comedy is forced or there is no chemistry between the actors, the result is an uncomfortable interaction between the audience and the movie. In the new addition of “Thor,” the characters forced jokes throughout the whole movie. In scenes where comedy is verbal, it did not come naturally. Instead of laughing or chuckling quietly to myself, I found myself sitting there uncomfortably while the movie continued.

While Thor was imprisoned on Sakaar, Marvel introduces Korg, the rock character who is leading a revolution. This character was created to provide a little bit of comedic relief. Some of the lines produced a few chuckles throughout the theater, but the laughs Korg provided was not enough to make up for the uncomfortable moments that the theater felt from the rest of the movie.  

The storyline was intriguing because of the take on the typical “brother vs. sister” plot. Thor’s sister, Hela, clearly had more power than the brothers, so he and Loki had to find a way to stop her from taking over Asgard. However, I was left with several questions about Hela and her powers. Where was she imprisoned in the first years of Thor’s life? How did she have so many powers? What is up with her gigantic dog? It was disappointing that all of the questions that I had about her character were not answered.Instead of explaining how Hela got her powers and telling more of her backstory, the audience was left to fill in the gaps with the little information that we had.

There were some good parts about this movie: Chris Hemsworth was in it. Chris Hemsworth had a shirtless scene. Chris Hemsworth cut his hair. Chris Hemsworth saved the day (In case you could not tell, Chris Hemsworth was the good part about this movie).

If somebody was going to go out and see this movie, I would advise against it. Maybe stay at home and watch the first “Thor” instead?



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