Thousand Oaks Circus amazes attendees

The crowd gasps in awe, as a beautiful aerialist, swings overhead on the flying trapeze. On Oct. 26, the Walter Bros. Circus opened for the public, in the parking lot by the Thousand Oaks Mall. Their show dates run from Oct. 26 to Nov. 5. The circus welcomes all ages and is a kid friendly environment.

An aerialist, a clown, a tightrope walker, and many more performers showcased their bizzare quirks in front of the audience containing families from all around Ventura County. The performance had music and snacks, such as popcorn, candy, cotton candy and more. They offered the audience glow in the dark items and had a short intermission where the performers interacted with the audience by painting the faces of willing members of the crowd.

The show began with a tightrope walker who not only balanced on the tightrope, but was able to complete backflips, despite the pressure from the crowd. Then, a series of girls performing on the aerial apparatus’ and doing contortion came out into the public eye. Many members of the crowd were shocked at the precision and performance level of the entire circus cast.

With their breaths held, the audience members were able to witness a handbalancer balance on two canes. The entire crowd was amazed and the handbalancer stood with great stability for almost an entire minute. Then, he proceeded to transfer all of his weight onto one hand and go into a one arm handstand. As the act went on, the audience members were impressed and nervous for the performer.

After a short clown series, the crowd was eager to see what they were the most excited for, the cage riders. The cage riders were two motorcyclists who rode in a sphere shaped cage both individually and with one another.

As the suspenseful music began and the eyes of the audience opened, the two cage riders entered the sphere. Following a series of fast rides around the cage, the motorcyclists attempted to dually ride in the sphere with a fearless lady standing in the center. The lady smiled and danced around while dangerously being circled by the two riders.

The crowd was speechless for a moment, and then all at once, a rising cheer began to grow under the tent. Arms raised and claps echoed throughout the room. The cage riders were definitely a hit.

Toward the end of the show, the circus performers formed a half moon on the stage as they came out for a final time. Each performer had a big smile on their face and in harmony, the cast bowed then proceeded to exit the stage.

The motorcyclists stayed on the stage and the event provided an opportunity for the audience to take pictures with both the cage riders and the clown. Almost every audience member brought their family up and was able to meet the performers.

The music used throughout the duration of the show enhanced the entire performance because it gave the audience members a cue for what was about to happen. The lighting in the show gave the performance a professional look by spotlighting each performer during their act.

Throughout the duration of the show, there were a variety of costumes used and worn by each of the performers. The costumes fit the performers’ roles perfectly because they matched the song and theme of the acts. On the lyra, a beautiful purple sequined leotard was worn, showcasing the acts elegance and beauty. In the hand balancing act, a red, white and gold, tight fitting tank top and pants were worn, presenting the strength and sturdiness of the performer.

Despite the delicacy and ease presented in the circus, the performers’ hard work was not overlooked. Each audience member was amazed by how smoothly the show ran and was able to enjoy the two hour show. The Walter Bros. Circus gave the Ventura County community a chance to feel happy, free, and youthful once again.

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